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Oh thank you so so much. I love this heavily.

Alien currently rattling me.

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It's so funny. Like SO many songs on this album, at first listen, I wasn't super into it, and yet now, I can't get it out of my head!!!

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Goldmine indeed.

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I am just getting acquainted with the Bootleg Series!

Apart from Woodstock, which are your favorites?


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Sydney is incredible. Hamburg & DC are great. The recent ones for IAETF are good too. They’re all great, really; this person does an incredible job.

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No. 007, 009, and 011 are probably my personal favorites.

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No. 08 is my favorite one. It's from the High Violet tour, but it's such a different set list with a lot of these older songs they never play live anymore. I love it.

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I’ve said it before & I’ll continue to say it, you’re a national hero. Every one you’ve provided is like mana from heaven, but this might be, for me, the most indispensable one you’ve provided. The new album is, as expected, continuing to grow on me, but for a variety of reasons I have more mixed feelings about this one on release than I have about any of their stuff in a while, maybe ever. The live versions are so different with this album it feels absolutely necessary to have the good audio of these alternate renditions of what the album might sound like.

(Also permanently in your debt for the Sydney show, probably my favorite of there’s. I desperately wish there were any other times humiliation had that weird alternate outro. Also they don’t play Lean often enough)

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You’re too kind, thank you!

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Thanks so very much for this. I missed the stream, but as a whole it kind of validates something I've been thinking about with the new record: these songs would always play better live (Aaron's production is way too muted here and the drums and guitars are buried) and unhinged live Matt would punch them way, way up. Someone a while back mentioned that they miss "screaming Matt" on the recent records and I totally agree, but man-- screaming Matt on, say, Eucalyptus is an f'n revelation. Going to be hard to listen to anything but live versions of these songs from this point forward-- they're just so much fuller and urgent. Again, thanks for making this possible.

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Thank you, this is amazing!!! I really wish they were selling the HD video.

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Side note: did anyone else notice how slick they were with editing This Isn’t Helping? I was looking forward to reliving that hilarious bit where Matt messed up the bridge in 4k (no offense to Matt) and they totally cut it out so we can only see brief clips of them smiling lol

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Yeah, WTH? Thought I was going crazy. Should have left it in!

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They really had me questioning my own sanity and questioning if I imagined it💀 I understand why they took it out but wish they had kept it, it’s just part of what makes the shows special!

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Thanks so much for these! Had no idea of the others, this is a goldmine

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Thank you very much for this. Show sounds incredible, and the artwork is really cool too. I think I like every single song on this album better live, except for the opener & closer.

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My God, this is incredible.

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Wow. I love this series. Thanks for making these.

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Thank you!!

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Wow, thanks thanks thanks!

I'm loving hearing this audio. Like so many other the National songs, some of the ones on this album have a big difference in sound and energy when listing live.

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Brillinat thanks.

Intended ripping and splitting the replay when I get home from work later, so you've saved me a job!

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Amazing, thank you 🙌

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Thanks a million Rojam Nairassoy! You are a great person

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Thank you very much!

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Major 2000 and 2003 Pearl Jam bootleg vibes with the cover art!

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Hah, that is precisely where I got the textured background.

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Thank you for this labor of TN love!

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Thank you very much!

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Thanks so much for this!

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You are a fucking hero.

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You're the best!

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You are a legend! Thank you! This series is awesome

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I think FTPOF would be quite a different record with this energy.

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