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I'll rip the audio from this and make it available as an album using the cover posted yesterday. Give me a few hours.

edit: I'll drop a plain Mega link here but if it gets taken down I'll return with an alternative. I'll try to leave this available for 48 hours, and if you DL and enjoy it, please consider getting something from the bandcamp.


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Any update on this

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Not long got in from work, but I'm going to sort it now. Won't be long.

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also following …

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Someone already posted a the entire show as an album with a cool cover yesterday.

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I think that was just the cover, but I have used that cover in my rip.

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That was a different one. Late yesterday someone posted a Dropbox link for a whole bootleg of the show. Just spreading the word!

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Oh I missed that! Never mind. Safety in numbers.

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Thank you. And I have bought things at shows but I’m gonna bitch for a moment.

I would like previous hoodies available to be purchased. I’m rocking my favorite TWFM hoodie for about a decade. I love it. It’s probably my favorite, but it’s getting quite worn.

Anyways, thank you!

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this the highest quality? it sounds quite compressed (and I did download the files)

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Yeah sadly. I wasn't impressed with the sound quality either. All I did was boost it a little, but I didn't add compression.

Real shame, you really can't hear Bryan at all. There was another recording knocking around, someone posted a version to Dropbox. If I get chance I'll take a look for that one and see if the quality is any better.

Then I'll let you know.

Edit: it's the same.

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yeah i also downloaded the dropbox version and heard the same thing. for a music site I thought bandcamp would stream better audio :(

thx so much for uploading these though. didn't mean to sound ungrateful!

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Nah you didn't come across like that at all. It was a totally justified question and I'd been having similar thoughts myself.

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You're doing the Lord's work. Thanks so much.

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Mmmmmmmmmmuchas gracias

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I was able to download, THANKS, but somehow screwed up the file extension. Can you remind me what it was?

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Any chance someone could reupload? It says too many people have viewed/downloaded and now I can't get it :'(

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damn i hope someone can

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"The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded" 😢

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You should still be able to download it, just not stream it in your browser

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Confirmed, file can still be downloaded. Thanks!

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Same, just missed it!

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Same for me 😭

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This is absolute brilliance. I just finished watching via bandcamp, but now totally stoked I get to watch the show whenever. Very grateful, thanks!

Really cool what they did with 'Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks' at the end too!

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grassy ass!

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Amazing! Thank you! Excited to watch this. Love how I see myself in the opening shot 😂

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thanks so much for doing this, I've been away and missed the stream and Google link been taken down, can anyone help with a link to the vid please??? Thx in advance, DM me if more appropriate

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Any chance we could get another re-upload? I started the download last night but I guess it didn't finish, and now it won't let me view/download. Thanks again u/cefh17 for taking the time to share this!

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Following. Also in need of a new link. This one and the other one that was commented are not working anymore—even with the folder trick someone suggested

Thanks to whoever comes through for us

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Also desperately keeping an eye on this. If anyone is able to upload please zip it and put a password on the zip (e.g. 'password') and it won't get copyright striked because Google won't be able to scan it and see the file

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Same! Wanted to rewatch it with my partner.

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The band posted a rewatch link to bandcamp - it was an Instagram story. Only temporary though, let me know if it's gone and I'll hook you up

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I love that they still play About Today so often. It's the perfect song.

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The link isn't available to me anymore :(. I already have the audio, but I'd love to have the video as well!

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Can someone please make it available for download again????

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Thank you! Glad someone caught it.

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I thought send for me was I am easy to find when the piano started, didn't realise how similar they sounded

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Thank you so much for this!!

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Thank you!

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Thank you!!

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thank you!!👏

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Thank you!!!

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Much appreciated!

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Thank you so much!

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Praise you

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You're welcome!

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Downloading to see the guy in the white shirt from the other post!

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You also get the extra bonus of the black security guy standing right in front of the stage being nonplussed

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"The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded" 😢 Help....

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I'm having the same issue :((

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I missed this and I would give my left arm to watch it. Anyone have a working link? :(

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HUGE thanks for the new link!!!!

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YEAH! Just noticed it 🤩

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If I miss it, I'll visit! I cannot download it now, so pretty please, any kind soul could send me the correct link so I can watch it at night tonight? Send for me pleaaaase.... Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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pretty pleaseee

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also looking for this!

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Somehow I managed to download it... Looking good!

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Come on people. Can’t get it. Exceeded number of downloads. :)

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Try this (made a copy) --see main post edit--

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Not working for me either :(

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Just requested permission :)

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Oops, should work now

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Hi! Can you please upload another copy? Links are down 😔

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I've gotten a few DMCA/copyright strikes from Google in the last 48h haha, will upload to some other host this weekend!

Edit: is your name an AM reference?

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YES it is lmao 🫡

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Def following!

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I'm not sure if you're still running into this issue (or if it had to do with requesting permission) but if anyone else is having a problem, try hitting the folder icon, saving a shortcut to the video to a folder in your Drive, then downloading the folder you made and it should zip everything up.

Thanks much, u/cefh17! I caught the livestream before I had to leave the house this afternoon but couldn't find where to replay it tonight.

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you are my hero

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looks like i tried o watch this/download it too late… any ideas on how i can watch it somehow? ! TIA. Xo

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Is this setlist likely to be similar for all of their upcoming tour? Playing the album in order

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Probably not, this is just for the launch.

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Thank you very much🩷🩷, please don't delete it so fast I might be able to download it at home until tomorrow 🩷🩷🩷🤗🤗🤗🤗🩷

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So good. Thanks for making my work day so much better!

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Sassafras! Really wanted to show this performance to my gal but looks like I didn’t get here in time

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I was able to download (THANK YOU) but somehow removed the extension name. Can you remind me what file format it was in?

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.mkv I believe

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You're welcome!

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Random question: Trying to put this on Plex...anyone created a proper poster for it?