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New download link for the Demos & Rarities compilation is here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a9hpg4ujfyvd41l/Demos\_%2526\_Rarities.zip/file

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You know I dreamed about this... for 29 years... before I saw it.

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I missed it, for 29 years.

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To everyone thanking me you are welcome! Go thank the band themselves by buying some other music or perhaps some merch, they made this beautiful art after all, and all the thanks should go to them.

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I love you anyway. I believe these are my jets.

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This is fantastic, thanks so much for the effort to collate it all. I hadn't heard the cover of Queen's I want to break free, I love it.

I don't see Devil Town by Daniel Johnston there, any chance it could make the cut?

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Let me see if I can find it, didn't know it existed honestly. Also you are welcome!

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@diver79 Not too long ago I played around with their cover of "Devil Town", I managed to separate it from "Not in Kansas" (The National made a mashup of Not in Kansas and Devil Town) and I removed the crowd sounds (which were so loud on that cover) Tomorrow morning I'm going to send the file to coffee_and_flowers!

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Excited to hear what you did dude :)

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Nice one thanks I'll take a look for it too

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Added it :)

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Excellent, thanks for that. One last request?

Have you heard the cover of Ashamed of the story I told? It was a song by Mark Mulcahy and the cover is stunning. Studio quality also.

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No problem, thanks for contributing! Oh yeah I have it, it's copyrighted though, so I can't add it. I see it on iTunes for .99 if you don't have it.

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Ah that's a pity, I didn't even think about that. Cracking song though.

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this is great!! thank you so much!

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Amazing, thank you!

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awesome. thanks so much!

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I had gone looking for this particular recording a couple of years ago, and u/thelastomishi was kind enough to share a link.

Hayden - Dynamite Walls (live w/ The National as his backup band)


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I have that one, I didn't include it because it's not Matt, and because I have never been able to confirm that it actually had anything to do with the band. Thanks for mentioning it though!

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Fair point. I'm not sure exactly when this recording was made, but I was able to find an absolutely atrocious video of them playing this song together with Matt on backing vocals (not that you can really hear him).


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Holy shit that's confirmation enough for me lol, and that video is terrible quality lol. Thanks for posting it! I got a couple mistakes to fix later today so I'll add it :)

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Thank you, this is incredible and such an effort!

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No problem! It sure was an undertaking, 13 years of searching for material, and about 10 hours in the last week putting it together and packaging it up all nice and neat.

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I hope this is still available in a week when I get home from vacation!!!

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The goal is to keep it pinned to the top of the subreddit indefinitely and to reupload as necessary so people will continue to have access to this material. If I come across new material I'll be adding it too. Hope you are having a nice vacation! Jealous!

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Just hit Yosemite National Park today-- it was great!
You don't happen to be related to the eponymous podcast of your user name, do you?

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I do not, though I get asked that a lot. I suffer from a myriad of mental health issues and could never keep up on a project like that. I just really like Conversation 16 :)

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In that case, thank you for holding it together until our friends are gone. :)

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Thanks for making me smile :)

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Thank you so much for this work! I'm willing to listen it this days. Only one question, what is the deal with The Tarquin Roughs? I've been following the band since 2015 and never heard of that.

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No worries! Enjoy! The Tarquin Roughs are leaked demos from the Boxer recording sessions, I believe they were obtained from Peter Katis' bit torrent, I think he was seeding the material by accident and someone downloaded it. The band and their management have asked that it not be shared and we respect their wishes.

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Which is a shame because I heard them and they’re solid gold material for National nerds.

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Incredible, thank you!

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Pretty Forever is one of my all time favorites by them. TON of energy.

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Absolutely, energy through the roof. Would love to see them perform it live!

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Thank you :)

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That Talking Heads cover is so beautiful

Edit: Thanks for sharing this with us <3

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I was going to ask weren't the Bob's Burgers songs on the soundtrack? But then I checked and apparently they weren't. Love Give It To Teddy, which went on to evolve into Taylor Swift's Hey Dorothea and consequently may never get a proper release.

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Yeah I checked those vs. what was released on the soundtrack first :) Kind of a grey area, but they have never been officially "sold" in any context I'm aware of...

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Checked again, Gravy Boat actually is on the soundtrack: "Sailors in Your Mouth"

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Well shit. I'll fix it... Thanks for pointing that out. I got it way before the soundtrack came out and back then it was referred to as Gravy Boat...

Edit: Fixed. Thanks again!!!

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Thank you so much❤️ Now I'm going to give you an award! You're too kind

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You're very welcome :)

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    It is not unfortunately, Anthem was from The Tarquin Roughs which can't be shared here...

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    Holy moose tits


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    Thank you so much, you wouldn't happen to have any of these in FLAC would you?

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    No FLAC unfortunately, sure wish I did though...

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    It's super cool that you put this together and shared it with everyone. :)

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    Thanks for uploading. Having a hard time with the first download though. Any tips/tricks?

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    Thank you so much!

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    No problem! I'm not sure why the old link stopped working, sorry about that!

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    Thank you! "Sleep All Summer" (Crooked Fingers cover feat. St Vincent is my favorite cover. FYI, if you are concerned about including commercially available tracks, this song is part of the compilation "Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers!" Also, are you including any side project tracks? El Vy used to do a cover of "She Drives Me Crazy" (Fine Young Canibals) at their shows. It was fun to hear, but I have yet to find a recording of it.

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    Thanks for letting me know, I was bound to miss something lol. I'll remove Sleep All Summer and reupload. I'll probably work on a compilation of songs featuring Matt at some point.

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    Fixed! Thanks again!

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    Anyone who hasn't heard their cover of Memories with Sufjan please listen, you'll be a cool, happy genius hero.

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    Oh shit that is a cover isn't it lol, I make mistake.

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    The BEST cover, I didn't even realize the mistake on your post. You don't think So Far Around the Bend is a rarity? Edit: Nevermind ha, I read your whole post, finally. Ha.

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    Leonard is disappointed in me... F... Gonna fix it up later today, I really do appreciate you pointing that out :) I want this shit perfect! Also yeah my post was kinda a novel lmao. Also So Far Around the Bend was for charity so that would be an even bigger no no than any copyright for me personally. Something about stealing from AIDS patients doesn't sit well with me at all lol.

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    This is amazing, thank you very much for sharing!

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    Thank you very much!

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    Ingrid is the track from tis the damn season By Taylor Swift.


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    Ingrid is an instrumental song from the album/ep Songs Without Words by The National, self released just over 3 years ago. It may have become a backing track to a Taylor Swift song but that is not where it began its life.

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    For sure, wasn’t suggesting it was TS first by any means.

    Thanks so much for putting this together.

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    Thank you very much !

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    Just saw this... amazing... thank you

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    the cover of Sleep All Summer ft. St Vincent, I can only find it on Youtube but not Spotify. Anyone knows why? And where can I get the offline version?

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    30 years from now I envision The National as a jazz-rock band with Matt's now raspy baritone doing some kind of spoken word old man poetry

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    Just found out about this! Thanks for sharing

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    Any chance of another season for the National Podcast?

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    MAY 30TH Greek - Section A ROW C Seat 113 (close to center) 255 is my cost..ticketmaster made me buy 3. If anyone wants it let me know! Better than any price online and without ludicrous fees on top

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    That demo of Lit Up is lit

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    Would it be possible to add the live tracks from the Uncut magazine CD here? I bought a copy but don’t have a CD drive to rip the tracks from and don’t want to buy one for just this. Thanks!