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Not local but just wanted to say this is super super kind of y’all to be doing 🤘

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Apartment story Nobody else will be there Don’t swallow the cap Terrible love Driver surprise me

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Awesome gesture!

especially love the call to donate to a local non-profit. The band would approve!

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You can see why even if he is a total stranger I felt he was deserving of my 2nd row ticket offer!

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Slow Show

Conversation 16


Empire Line

This Is The Last Time

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Fake Empire, City Middle, Carin, Racing Like a Pro, Conversation 16!

this is fun, we should try to guess each other's top 5 even when we aren't trying to win something!

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BTW I feel the pain on picking only five. I sent my top 5 to u/dogs-in-space and I went from 10 to 7 to 5 back to 8 and then finally 5 and feel I left so many out.

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Slow Show, Gospel, Conversation 16, Graceless, I'll still destroy you.

Picking is very hard, generous of you to do this!

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Lucky You, So Far Around the Bend, Terrible Love, Light Years, Fake Empire.

Well, that was hard.

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Bloodbuzz Ohio, geese of Beverly road, demons, I’ll still destroy you, Slow show

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Conversation 16, Quiet Light, Afraid of Everyone, Slow Show, Guilty Party

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Empire Line, Apartment Story, John’s Star, Demons, So Far Around the Bend

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Wasp Nest Sorrow All the Wine Geese of Beverly Road About Today

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England This is the Last Time Squalor Victoria Mr. November Demons

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We have a winner!

Of list of top songs we only had Apartment Story and Fake Empire in common eachgiving 3 points.

It was really close as we had multiple participants with 3 points but the winner is u/sometimes_a_dog as Carin got him to a grand total of 4 points!

Rest of the songs that we had on our lists that gave a point were:
Pink Rabbits, England, Graceless, About Today, Mr November

I'll send a separate message to u/sometimes_a_dog to sync up on the tickets and the non-profit and will create a separate post with screenshots and hopefully a celebratory photo from Red Rocks in a couple weeks.

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Congratulations u/sometimes_a_dog!

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Tickets have been transferred to u/hazza43 ! Congrats and see you at the show. Enjoy!

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Green Gloves

Pink Rabbits

Sleep Well Beast


I Am Easy to Find

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Rylan Gospel England Vanderlyle Mr. November

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I’m local to CO and love this so much. Thanks for doing it!

Bloodbuzz Ohio

Slow show

I need my girl

Guilty Party