What's going on?🌸💐 by piadoingthingsLives in a lemonworld 🍋 in TheNational

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Matt’s getting ready to fall asleep in your branches

Taylor—did the guys really need the money by Electrical_Prune6545 in TheNational

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Agree with you completely. Been a fan of the Ntl since 2008. TS is an unpleasant addition.

This is nothing like it was in my room by thewhiteboardjester in TheNational

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I’m down there somewhere! Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight. Going to be the brightest rig of the whole tour!! - Lighting Guy

A Criticism/Open Letter on the Cherry Tree Membership service by JKay96 in TheNational

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Hi all,

Thanks for this thread. The feedback is helpful to us and it's good to know where your guys' heads are at regarding all of this. We're constantly looking for new ways to add value to the CT membership. We have a small but dedicated group of people working on this project and trust us when we say that the vinyl delays are just as frustrating to us. We've tried our best to keep you guys in the loop throughout the process and typically if there are no updates, it's because we have no new information to share.

We are still waiting to hear from the pressing plant on exactly when Volume 4 will be complete, but we are optimistic that it will arrive at our fulfilment warehouse within the next couple months. With the global vinyl pressing delays we are currently experiencing, it’s quite difficult to pin down even an approximate timeline without speaking out of turn. We sincerely apologize for the delay and hope you guys understand. We're doing everything we can to get it finished and on its way to you.

Just to provide some context, the quantity of the limited edition vinyl we press at the end of our membership year is based on the number of members that have signed up for that year. For that reason, the membership vinyl is always shipped after the membership year is concluded. With current pressing delays, that puts us much farther out than usual in terms of the ship date. Volume 4 is for members who joined or renewed in 2021. If you had a 2022 renewal already, you are eligible to receive the exclusive 2023 vinyl that is scheduled for next year.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit. We will have some news soon so keep an eye on your inboxes. We are working on some exciting things for the coming year! If any of you have specific questions regarding your membership or eligibility, feel free to shoot us an email at cherrytree@americanmary.com. It might take us a couple of days, but we try to answer every message.

Thanks again for the feedback and for all of your support over the years 🍒

What are your The National tattoo ideas? by ilovegingermen in TheNational

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Your idea is a great idea imo because it’s your idea. Absolutely bonus points for the desire to collaborate with a tattoo artist on it - they’ll appreciate tattooing their own work instead of someone else’s.

I have my city’s skyline in a rocks glass with lemon slices in and around the glass - “serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon”

r/TheNational’s Top 10 Artists - Day 6 (Arcade Fire blazes into fifth, and with that our list is halfway there! Top comment will take #6!) by lemonhyacinthexiled and vilified 🍋 in TheNational

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When I was getting my National tattoo, my rad artist recommended Interpol! But I was already super into them. Definitely the same feel and themes. I'm also super surprised they haven't made it into the top yet, but so far all these bands and artists that have made it are great. I can't fault it.

But yes, if you love TN, give Interpol a try!

A wild song title appears! (github.com) by smeelsLikeFurtsDon't let show any emotion 🌊 in TheNational

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Live on coffee and coffee,

Try to figure out just when the standup will be,

I figured out what we’re missing,

There’s an extra ‘malloc’ where there should be a ‘free’

Now we’ll leave the broken branches to all the junior devs, give them bad dreams.