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Facts by Glemzi in TheLastAirbender

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Here is some fake gold because I'm broke 🏅

Update: wow, i did not expect to get real gold, you are a true gentleman my friend

Since they have the same voice actress....I drew a thing! by catastrophe_ai in TheLastAirbender

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Zuko is an average kid

That no-one understands

Father lord and 'zula

Always giving him commands (Get burned!)

The doom and gloom throughout the nation

Is broken instantly

By this bald lil kid who ran and hid

'cause in reality he is the

Airbender, last airbender (An air nomad! And the avatar!)

Airbender, last airbender

Scooters, gliders, Momo, Appa

Airbending, waterbending, earthbending, firebending, bloodbending, metalbending, lightningbending, all in one!

Airbender, last airbender,

He'll help you get your honour back,

He's Aang the airbender!

(Catch him. Nah!)

Art by Romy Jones on Tumblr! by Not_Antoniospc_ in TheLastAirbender

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Zuko would need his other self to love his other self who hates his other self to save himself from his other self, where only then would his true self reveal itself

Please, always consider the artist when sharing their art by Jorgeomer in TheLastAirbender

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Well the problem is more than half of the current mods aren't active at all.

Not just in moderating, but in their own accounts posting or commenting. It's one thing if the mods here are considered lazy or not enforcing rules, but most of them just aren't on Reddit often enough to make a difference.

Here's a breakdown:

Top mod, /u/thecabbagemerchant is active quite infrequently, with 5-10 day gaps, sometimes as long as a month, on his account history. And as far as I can tell, the last mod flaired comment by the top mod was 3 years ago.

2nd mod, /u/Polack14 was last on a month ago, then 2 months ago, then 4 months ago etc.

3rd mod, /u/SexyToad last commented 7 months ago...

4th mod, /u/MissRainbowtie last commented 1 year ago...

5th mod, /u/Dolphman is actually one of the exceptions, they're on frequently enough.

6th mod, /u/KrabbHD last activity 29 days ago and explicitly admits the prompt mod activity they took then was coincidence not speed.

7th mod, /u/Slyfox00 is also active enough on their own.

8th mod, /u/WillTrivium was last on 2 months ago, then 3 months ago...

9th mod, /u/naxter48 is on frequently enough.

10th mod, /u/candyking45 commented 17 minutes ago for the first time since 3 months ago, about a repost of this very thread but not actually commenting in this thread...

11th mod, /u/Fromelette was last active 1 month ago...

12th mod, /u/MagicalScarf last active 16 days ago.

13th mod, /u/MrBKainXTR seems to be trying hard and making a decent effort.

14th and as far as I can tell last non-bot mod, /u/Hail_Saddam often has gaps of several days/weeks, but also 3 days ago in a not noticed comment made a mod statement about this very issue.

They said ~"we currently don't care enough/can't be bothered to work hard enough to enforce crediting artists because users would get annoyed." But that wasn't specifically about cropping out the artist name like the OP in question did here.

That's the 14 non-bot mods I can see, and only 5 out of 14 are at least somewhat active.

My take from all this is the explosive growth this sub has gone through (nearly doubling in size and likely to continue growing as it's on Netflix now and Korra will probably be too) requires a very active mod team and a lot of the current mods just aren't even on Reddit enough.

There needs to be more mods added, active users who care, and maybe something needs to be done about the inactive mod accounts as well.

But for this specific issue, it's so incredibly disappointing that even one of the most wholesome subreddits around that I've been part of since its inception can't be bothered to enforce the basic common decency of crediting artists.

I'm making this comment not to criticize, but out of hope for some positive change that supports continued positive growth for this sub, and I'm making it publicly because sadly I've lost trust that any sort of modmail message would be taken seriously/result in any sort of positive reaction/action, so I hope the comment doesn't get removed or locked or whatever.

EDIT: Mods have added a rule about crediting non-OC, and are planning on adding new mods soon, so I am glad to see positive action taken to improve this sub we all love. :)

Please, always consider the artist when sharing their art by Jorgeomer in TheLastAirbender

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The Devil May Cry sub used to have a similar problem, until the mods decided that if you posted content and didn't credit the artist, your post was erased. Worked like a charm.

Dunno how possible it would be to implement in this sub, considering it's way bigger, but I think it's way better than just letting people repost OC without crediting anyone.

Thought you guys might appreciate this recreation of the opening that I just finished working on with some friends... Let me know what you think! (Credits in Comments) by Yip Yip, Motherfucker.jekkemenn in TheLastAirbender

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Glad you guys are enjoying it! I did all the lighting and compositing - You can find my IG here: @jacoberinmann

Need to credit the amazing people I worked with too :)

Mia Pray - Modeling, Texturing @meems_24
Rijah Kazuo - Rigging
Sagar Arun - Animation for Water and Fire, Rig testing @thesag27
Greg Verreault - Animation for Earth and Air @greg.verreault
Danny Barnhart- FX @danny.fx
Brett Bread Taggart- Cloth Simulation, Technical Animation @btaggart917

So so so happy you all dig it!