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Two things I need to make clear:

  1. When I say “Fat positivity”, I’m not referring to people who are on the bigger side and against ED culture. I’m referring to people who are morbidly obese and promoting it, like the HAES (Healthy at every size) movement

  2. I DO NOT support eating disorders.

Think of people like Tess Holliday, who are morbidly obese and promoting it. Or search up “fat cringe compilation” on YouTube to get an idea of who I’m referring to here. These people are truthfully insecure about their bodies, but they don’t want to bite the bullet and lose the weight. So they record themselves eating a large fast food meal on TikTok, then say “I’m fat and proud! Fuck diet culture!”

Most obese people know that their lifestyle is unhealthy, and unattractive, but they perhaps can’t bring themselves to tackle those facts head on. So they bury themselves in their “Healthy at every size“ slogans, eat another pack of Oreos to mask the shame they secretly feel. To compensate for how ashamed they really are deep inside, they loudly claim that they’re proud to be fat and bury themselves in another excuse like “Most diets don’t work anyways!” (Weight loss is a thing, it is something that people do, but it takes patience and perseverance to achieve. It takes trial and error. It doesn’t happen overnight).

Okay, now let’s get to the brutally honest part. I’m asking this as a rhetorical question because people tend to be more honest when they don’t have to say their answer out loud. If you saw a fat person and a fit person, who would you be more attracted to? It’s not just about their physical appearance; you can even get a few looks into their character. A fit person is likely one who has discipline, to exercise and eat a balanced diet. A fat person is likely one who lacks self control and makes excuses constantly (this does not apply to overweight people who have Bulimia/Binge eating disorder, those people should seek professional help)

Losing weight is hard. Being morbidly obese and insecure (whether you acknowledge it or not) while also suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and other physical health drawbacks is also hard. Choose your battles wisely.

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1 day ago

This is a generalization, to a degree. As a university professor, I've seen a steep decline the academic quality of college freshmen for the past 10 years. The culture has changed significantly. A recent conference I attended statistically pointed this out as well.

The issue isn't intelligence. The current generation of college freshmen is extremely bright, but they appear to have four weaknesses that hold them back from success.

  1. They lack critical thinking skills. I believe this is because they were raised with access to any given information at any given time. An answer is a Google search away and there is no reason to evaluate it any further. They seem to be great at answering "what," "when" and "where" questions but terrible at answering "why" and to some degree "how" questions. In other words, "The answer is the answer," nothing more matters and no further thought is required.

  2. Flexibility to tolerate things they aren't interested in. It is extremely common, in my experience, for students to skip assignments they find uninteresting, but to become highly engaged in the assignments they find interesting. Unfortunately, not all course work can be enjoyable. This also encompasses attendance.

  3. The belief that no matter what happens, things will just work out. Since Covid, the number of students who will turn in absolutely no course work or very little has tripled (I don't have the source at hand). The belief is that "I attended some classes, so I should pass," "I turned in some work, so I should pass," etc. This isn't how things work. Another interesting thing, that is somewhat relevant, is that we can see everything a student does on Blackboard or Canvas. We can see what they click on, when they click on it, etc. This generation has a stark divide between students who obsessively check their grades and those who never do, with the latter group growing.

  4. There is no passion for university. It's just the pursuit of a piece of paper which will ultimately mean less than the experience and connections you're supposed to develop. This is more of societal issue that older generations, have created.

  5. EDIT: This one I initially forgot. Students aren't taught the skills to develop or identify the skills they're missing. Often then just want instructions on how to do something and find no interest in the journey to find the answer. This often leads to students not able to substantiate their opinions and arguments.

Now, I'm not putting down the younger generation. They're extremely passionate about things that are important to them. Somewhere, society failed them. We either failed raising them, educating them and/or preparing them to take the first steps of adulthood.

Feel free to disagree, as much of this is speculation, but this has been quite the topic in conferences and meetings this year.

TL;DR The current generation shouldn't chase a piece of paper if that's not what they want to do as they won't get the experience that they need to make use of it.

Edit: spelling

I also apparently cannot spell compatible. Enjoy the laugh!


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