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The force was too much by [deleted] in rareinsults

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Fat shaming isn’t a rare insult

France is Garbage by LinkLord727 in rareinsults

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The thing about the north atlantic garbage patch is that it's not a mountain of diapers, those plastic rings for 6 packs of beer and plastic straws. It's an area with a higher than normal concentration of microplastics (which is bad, obviously). It can't be seen with the naked eye although there are many areas of the ocean where lots of trash pile up but those are really small areas in comparison.

If anyone wants a source, here is one but there is plenty to read about.

And for the record I'm not saying it's not as bad, just saying that we usually get wrong what it looks like.

Burqa lady based by CheezDoza in rareinsults

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And then after having a cursory giggle, quickly followed with: "...but yes, you are correct, it's because of my strict, intolerant religion."

Antique diss track by breachbull in rareinsults

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my mill grinds bring all the boys to the yard

and they're like

there's no rats or mice

damn right, it's pepper and spice

Great Clips at it again by throwaway1736391 in rareinsults

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and theyre brothers that cant stand eachother and theyre on opposite sides of the map and theres little quests you can do sending messages and packages back and forth for a 1/4 heart

You know, they aren’t wrong.. by [deleted] in rareinsults

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It's kinda pathetic how you comment in each thread you comment in about 3 or 4 times to ensure people ask you about it. For example your most recent thread about games from your childhood you commented 16 separate comments.

What's sadder is you spending money on awards to ensure people keep asking.

Stop spamming this shit.

















Her 15-minutes has lasted WAY too long by sco-go in rareinsults

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Didn’t she admit to drugging dudes and stealing from them, why isn’t she in jail