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Honestly, commuting to the north Bronx every day from Brooklyn sounds like hell.

Maybe consider another part of the Bronx (your neighborhood is not the only part of the Bronx there is) or upper Manhattan?

Edit: wait, you're a medical resident? Then why are you looking for a longer commute? Don't you basically just spend all your time at work anyway?

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Check out inwood

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If you're working in the North Bronx that's where you should live. Try Riverdale, new Rochelle, or Yonkers for proximity.

A BK to N BX commute will destroy you.

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Oh get the fuck out of here already. Come back to troll about the Bronx again? Get a life. Anyone this obsessed with trolling the Bronx sub constantly cannot have made it as far in med school to be doing a residency. I can't even believe you got into med school. You're just some sad pathetic troll living in their mom's basement.

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I thought I recognized the writing style immediately. Same racist trash who thinks the entire county of the Bronx is a shithole but thinks Bushwick is some fantastical place. It’s the same and this idiot will be crying about their 2 hour commute and posting about how poor and dirty Bushwick is a week after moving here.

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Commute is going to be soul sucking from Bushwick! Unless you have a car I wouldn't recommend Brooklyn at all if commuting to the north Bronx. Sorry to say that you are better off in the Bronx, maybe northern Manhattan. Don't know what neighborhood you're in now and what neighborhood you work in, so I can't make any recommendations of a better neighborhood or close in Westchester neighborhoods.

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Even with a car it will usually suck

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Can confirm that it does.

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I do have a car! Prefer not to use it though

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If you want to live in Brooklyn and commute, you should probably look at living along the 4 or the D. Sunset Park, Crown Heights etc.

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Do recommend being somewhere near 59 street as that lines up near Brooklyn?

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I recommend inwood. Bushwick will be a hell of a commute. As far as budget, use street Easy to input a search based on rent, so you can see which neighborhoods are in your price range.

Also, the Bronx is an entire borough. You may like another part of it.

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I've explored many parts unfortunately and it's all the same. People on queens subreddit told me anywhere in BK or Queens is better than anywhere in the Bronx

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I did BK to BX commute from Bed Stuy for a year and it was hell.