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In romance languages we also use masculine as neuter so IDK where the issue is with using Latino

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So you admit the patriarchy has been subjegating women with their sexist language for centuries and you have no interest in changing that! You misogynist! /s

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Even in english the masculine has been used as a sort of neuter catch all. If you don't know the sex you often just say "he". Recently a lot of people started getting offended like you are just assuming the person is a man because you are sexist. So now, in order to avoid offending people, you have so say he/she or whatever. I find it obnoxious and annoying.

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You say "they" or "them" when you don't know the gender. That's been the correct verbiage prior to all this political correctness.

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No prior to this ‘political correctness’ they and them were plural words exclusively. To the point where even today in some more uptight academic settings they don’t let you use it as a singular word. However, in common useage at this point they and them can be singular and are the best solution to a lot of gender based language problems.

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I don’t know where you’re from but I, along with everyone I’ve ever talked to, have always used they/them/theirs/themselves as a nondescript singular. I hear he/she maybe 10% of the time and see he thrown around specifically on reddit always. I do it too.

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"The Oxford English Dictionary traces singular they back to 1375"

Just saying.

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It isn’t ‘proper English’ but it has been used colloquially for a long time.

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The vast majority of any populace doesn't speak their language with academically correct precision, using that as a standard to understand verbiage isn't nearly as accurate as using the verbiage adopted by the general populace.