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Even if you have a mental illness, you should still apologize when insulting people! by JK_posts in unpopularopinion

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That entirely depends on the person. Not everyone with BPD is an unapologetic asshole about it. A fair number of us are aware that our emotions and actions are hurting people, really struggle to control them, and apologize when we fail.

It's really disheartening to constantly be painted with a negative brush, for something that I had no control over getting. I didn't choose to have BPD. I chose my actions in response to what my mental illness made me feel, and I chose to apologize when those actions hurt others. People with BPD aren't monsters. Please stop making us out to be.

Even if you have a mental illness, you should still apologize when insulting people! by JK_posts in unpopularopinion

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Hello. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and came to say 2 things —

  1. Please don’t put “borderline” in quotes like that. It’s a real illness and it can be debilitating.

  2. Mental illness is an explanation, never an excuse. It’s not okay that she not only doesn’t apologize but also doesn’t seem to (by your account) be interested in improving her behavior. It’s very hard work, but someone with BPD can no longer meet the criteria for the disorder if behaviors have changed enough with therapy, meds, or whatever treatment combo that works for the person. We are not victims of our disorder. Living with it is extremely difficult, but we DO have power to change our actions. I’ll forever be apologizing for asshole behavior I didn’t realize at the time and will forever be working on bettering my mental health. That’s just my hand of cards man, and people with this disorder have to work a LOT harder to be “normal” and we will never fully ever feel that we are. But just because it’s harder for pwBPD doesn’t mean we get to just check out and not bother.

Tell your girl this borderline says step the fuck up to the plate. Don’t make the rest of us look bad. Get your shit under control.

Abortion Mega Thread by UnpopularOpinionMods in unpopularopinion

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The difference is ability to survive by its self. A clump of human cells quickly dies without its human “host” (ie the mother). A single-cell organism can survive thrive reproduce (or at least divide) without assistance from another living host unless it is a parasite.

Think of it this way, if you accidentally cut a small piece of skin on the tip of your finger off while slicing potatoes, the skin would die, right? Because the cells need to be connected to you to live and get adequate blood supply. Same goes for a fetus. (Another edit I’m sorry: an embryo isn’t even scientifically called a fetus until the 11th week of gestation, prior to that it is an egg and sperm (gametes, also known as haploid cells) separately for 2 weeks (yes it takes about 2 weeks for the sperm to actually fertilize the egg), then they join (a diploid cell), a zygote, THEN a fetus)

An amoeba, on the other hand, is a signal cellular organism that can survive as long as water is present. Yes, you could hydrate that small piece of skin in water for a while, but the cells would still die because their dna is not coded to survive as it’s own organism.

I probably described this poorly I’m not a great writer. My point is - life depends on individual capability to survive. It’s most simply defined as - “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.” A human fetus before 24 weeks (with a >50% or survive and a high chance of life long disability) cannot grow on its own, not even with modern technology.

Yes human fetal cells are organic, but they do not meet the other criteria for life, much like viruses do not meet the criteria for life because they cannot survive and grow outside of a host

Edit: I was a TA for a university astrobiology class when I was an undergraduate and this question came up a lot! Great question btw

Double edit: I can expand on my answer if you’d like. Most simply put: an amoeba is alive because it survives on its own, but a single human cell is only alive until it is separated from the greater organism due to millions, if not billions, of years of evolution. Maybe in the future, we can keep a “clump of cells” alive and developing, kind of how we use machines to keep donor organs functioning for short durations prior to transplant (poor wording I’m sorry). But until then, pregnant people should have the choice to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

US presidential debate megathread by Young_ZaphodHates Eggs in unpopularopinion

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I don’t think anyone could have done any different with the virus.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read and I've read a lot of low IQ takes here.

  • Obama left the Trump admin' literally a 69 page playbook.
  • Everyone who practiced a pandemic scenario is gone from the Trump admin.
  • Let me clear: I don't like Hilary but in no universe would be she ever have responded to this like the Trump admin. 200k and counting. We're a fraction of the world population yet we're leading in corona deaths.

Schools train smart people to be lazy. by Sir_Haskell in unpopularopinion

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School is built for the average student. The class will move too slowly for one kid and too fast for another.

Men not watching porn or masturbating should be normalized on the internet. by MintsAreFresh in unpopularopinion

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Unpopular opinion: people should actually give no shit about internet trolls.

Idk man, jerk off or don't, either way don't take other's opinions personally. Also I don't think it should be normalized if u got no one to copulate with. Its the right thing to do, even if it's once per month. Has many benefits.

Men Don't Owe Women a Relationship Just Because We're Sleeping With Her Regularly by solitarybeast in unpopularopinion

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OP: “Just because a woman is nice to you doesn’t mean she owes you a relationship!”

Reddit: “YAAAS QUEEN! Say it louder for the people in the BACK!”

OP: “Just because a man is sleeping with you doesn’t mean he owes you a relationship!”

Reddit: “Lol look at this fragile insecure man pitying himself. The reverse is also true you know?”

In reality, too many women expect their fuck buddies to treat them like girlfriends. I saw a bunch of people on r/amitheasshole call some dude an asshole because he didn’t want to sit and listen to his fuck buddy complain about her life problems after they had sex and asked her to leave.

Sorry, but if we want to normalize casual sex and hooking up, we need to accept that some men only want casual sex and don’t give a damn about us as people. You can’t claim normalizing casual sex a good thing and then turn around and get pissy when a man only wants you for casual sex as if “treating people like sex objects” isn’t exactly the basis for hooking up.

Most of the concept of "male privelege" is an apex fallacy or an incomplete picture by MountedBass9291 in unpopularopinion

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"privilege" is the polite way to say "socially acceptable racism/sexism"

It doesn't matter that I'm statistically many times more likely to die in a violent manner, or be grossly disfigured in the work place, or work my entire life with little hope of ever retiring. It doesn't matter that if I ever have kids with a woman who one day decides I'm not good enough anymore, she can essentially cut me out of their lives on a whim, and it's is entirely upon me to prove in the court of law, that I have a right to be in their lives, despite single motherhood being directly tied to young men walking down a dark road. It doesn't matter that no matter how high of a moral standard I hold myself to, no matter how far I go out of my way to care for those who can't care for themselves, no matter how fervently I try to protect those who can't protect themselves, women passing me on the street at night, or stuck in an elevator alone with me, will fear for their life simply because I am a man they don't know.

They don't know that I cry when I read a touching story. They don't know that I consider preying on those weaker than you to be one of the most horrible things a person could do. They don't know that as a teenager, my girlfriend's step dad raped her, and the moment I found out, I went over to his house to kill him, and the ONLY reason I didn't, is because on the way there I was waylaid, and forcibly restrained by friends who didn't want me spending the rest of my life in jail. They don't know that I give my change to homeless people, even though I'm one paycheque away from being the one asking for change. They don't know that I've held a stranger's hand as they took their last breath so they didn't have to pass alone. They don't know that in a heartbeat I would lay down my life if it meant others didn't have to. They don't know that I feel so strongly about these things that I'm fucking crying as I type this out. They don't know that the only thing I've ever wanted to be was a man my mother would be proud of if she was still alive.

Or maybe they just don't care. But hey, atleast most of the people I see on TV telling me what a danger to society I am have a similiar skin pigment to me.

It’s okay to be content with your ‘mediocre’ life. by Shelbs1313 in unpopularopinion

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I love this! Everyone wants more free time but they would have it if they didn’t need as much!

But how much is the fisherman making? Let's be real, globally the amount of places where you can live a minimal existence and have a comfortable, secure life are dwindling by the day. Either he is making bank with that one catch of the day or he is living in some fantasy world where he suffers no problems living the most meager existence possible in a coastal slum.

The Simpson’s are not white. They are yellow & they are a fictional cartoon family. People who have time to complain that Hank Azaria voices non-yellow characters need to go volunteer at a soup kitchen. by Everythingisourimagehermit human in unpopularopinion

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People do and say shit to appease the masses. It will never end. We live in a never ending loop of he said, she said. Part of me just can't wait to die