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Made me feel old people being surprised about him being there. One of those famous incidents that’s brought up in all sorts of shows and that

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Next you'll be telling me he was duped by a fake George Weah into giving a Premier League debut to a random guy from Senegal who could barely play football

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Ali Dia is the GOAT. He also turned down the chance to sign Eric Cantona for us.

[–]9️⃣Roberto Firminothemanebeat 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I'm ok with not signing that idiot.

Houllier deciding not to sign Cristiano Ronaldo because he wanted more money than Michael Owen is criminal though with hindsight

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As winning manger for Galatasaray in the 96 turkish cup against Fenerbahçe. He plants the flag in the center circle in Fenerbahçe home stadium.

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mad lad starting a riot

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As a Turkish citizen and a Liverpool fan since birth, i love Graeme

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You can take the man out of Scotland...

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