LPT Request: What are some unexpected hobbies or activities that have surprisingly positive mental health benefits? by TheWhitestBuffalo in LifeProTips

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I am a Bachelor in psychology that is currently studying this field and I can confirm that it is true.

Here is the research that talks about the minutes in nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598%20019%2044097%203 Passing time in nature, as little as 15 minutes can already make you feel better. The most efficient time span is 20-30 minutes though. Weekly, the most benefit comes after two total hours, up to 200/300 minutes. At that time you reach a plateau.

The theoretical framework is called Attention Restoration Theory (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attention_restoration_theory, at the moment I cannot find the original paper but here you have a nice summary) and is part of the Biophilic Approach (I suggest you to read about this because it’s very interesting and not heard about)

Also, another useful theory based on Kaplan’s is the one by Ulrich (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0272494405801847 , https://www.researchgate.net/publication/249623753_Natural_Versus_Urban_Scenes_Some_Psychophysiological_Effects). He discovered that passing time in nature even reduces the feeling of stress. Further researches proved that this is also true for anxiety

So even if you are not the outdoor type of person I suggest you to try and find “your” personal and most fitting natural spot, because the benefits are too good to ignore. Hope you found this interesting :)

EDIT: I changed my title, I have completed the equivalent of a Bachelor degree and I am now completing the equivalent of my master’s degree. Things are different between countries so I’m not sure how titles work.

LPT - Use the Two-Minute Rule: If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it right away instead of putting it off. This helps prevent small tasks from piling up and becoming overwhelming. by EngineMain199 in LifeProTips

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arrange them in a way

1- most important and urgent - do these right away

2 - urgent and not important - if have time complete them in a day

3 - important and not urgent - whenever have 2 free minutes - complete them

4 - neither important nor urgent - if you have extra minutes and relaxed too then finish these too

LPT Request: What are some unexpected hobbies or activities that have surprisingly positive mental health benefits? by TheWhitestBuffalo in LifeProTips

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Geocaching. Can be free if you have a smart phone. Gets ya out of the house, and can sometimes take you to places you've never seen-even if it is only a mile away from your front door.

LPT Request: What are some unexpected hobbies or activities that have surprisingly positive mental health benefits? by TheWhitestBuffalo in LifeProTips

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If anyone has wanted to try skateboarding but are too scared, give it a shot! It’s incredibly challenging, so the rewarding feelings you get as you progress are just as incredible. It helps my mental health tremendously. It cements the fact that failure is a part of learning and to not beat yourself up about it. It teaches you how to analyze yourself and what you’re doing wrong. It shows you that with time, patience, and self-confidence anything is possible! A lot of folks still assume skateboarders are not the friendliest of people but times have changed tremendously and usually skate communities are some of the most welcoming and close-knit people you can meet from all different backgrounds. If you’ve ever wanted to try, this is my invite to you to come to the skatepark, say hi, and start learning! Hope to see you there🤘🏼

LPT: Don’t ghost people. Let them know that you don’t want to talk with them anymore. This will give clarity to both them and you, and can prevent a lot of problems in the future. by Pip_Penrod in LifeProTips

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Terrible advice.

One of the primary reasons to ghost people is due to mental, emotional and physical abuse. They aren't owed any closure or clarity and doing so only opens the victim up for further abuse.

LPT: Don’t ghost people. Let them know that you don’t want to talk with them anymore. This will give clarity to both them and you, and can prevent a lot of problems in the future. by Pip_Penrod in LifeProTips

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As a woman who has been on a lot of terrible dates through her 20s, I can tell you this advice is incredibly naive.

If you tell them you're not a good match, I dont think we're a good fit, I dont think we should see eachother anymore or any polite variation, this is what happens;

  • I dont think we're a good fit, it was nice to know you, best of luck.

  • Hold on, why are you saying that? I thought we had fun?

  • Yeah it was fun but I just dont think we're a good match.

-But why? What did I do?

  • Nothing! I just didnt feel it.

-But why? You do this and that, string me along, you owe me an explanation!

  • I just didnt think it would work, I didnt feel it, can we just say goodbye amicable and part ways?

  • You [blah blah bunch of half accusatory things] and I thought I was [bunch of flattery about himself] I am a nice guy, yall want bad boys [etc and things of that nature] you owe me an explanation!

  • Fine. I thought [a thing about them that they absolutely didnt want to hear, because its nothing positive]. Which is fine, just not for me.

  • How dare you! You ugly anyway bitch! (And variations till I block)

This happened enough times that I learned the cleanest break is to ghost. The convo wouldnt even end like this, it would usually take a few weeks of being stalked online as well, harassed via messages, email, whatever they're not blocked on. Only way to cut it off is to ghost, just stop replying because otherwise its just a sht show.

Of course not everyone is the same and I am not saying people should just ghost whoever they didnt like. But sometimes women dont have any other logical course of action.

The moment you tell him you dont wanna talk to him anymore, no matter how politely, he will ask why. As if there is any possible answer that he ll be happy with. The why is something he is not gonna like hearing, even if it is something really innocuous or inoffensive. The why is never gonna be "because you're too amazing" its always gonna be something negative or critical.

And I dont know why but men really pursue this criticism even when all they do is get angry when they hear it. Not all men, but a large enough number of men do this. Keep asking why why why until they hear something they didnt want to hear and then get pissed off about it. They dont just take the hint and let it end politely.

If someone is ghosting you, just take the hint and let it go. Yeah its not the nicest way of breaking things off, but maybe those people who ghost, had the same exact experience I had over and over again and they just dont know how you're gonna react and find it easier for the both of you to avoid all that drama.

LPT: Don’t ghost people. Let them know that you don’t want to talk with them anymore. This will give clarity to both them and you, and can prevent a lot of problems in the future. by Pip_Penrod in LifeProTips

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This is such a BS LPT. If someone is toxic for you and your mental health, regardless if they are family, friends, etc. You can ghost them however you want. Sometimes having this conversation makes it worse and can cause more anxiety if you already have issues with that

LPT Request: We have a newborn son, what can we do now to make life better / easier for future him? by danceyreagan in LifeProTips

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Teach him about consent from the start.

He doesn't have to accept kisses and hugs from everyone, and others don't have to accept those from him. Setting and respecting boundaries can start as soon as he learns the word "no".

LPT Request: Older folks, what can younger people do to not look back one day and think "the years passed so fast"? by Jinbi1111 in LifeProTips

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Find a balance between looking after yourself and finding joy. Eat for health, but also eat for pleasure. Keep active. The older you get the quicker- and easier- it is for your body to fail you, and the worst years to look back on are ones where you couldn’t live, only survive. Look after your body- and also your mind.

Forgive yourself. You will make mistakes. You will have regrets. You will have so many times where you look back and ask yourself how you didn’t see things as you do with the benefit of experience and hindsight. Be kind, forgive yourself, but be ever ready to learn from what you experience.

Fill your life with people whose lives you can improve simply by being in them, and who improve yours by simply being in it. Love freely and in many ways. Give of your time and energy and see where it flows back, in small ways- giving can be an impossible situation where what is given is small, but what is received is huge. Do that for others, and value those who do the same- soup when you’re sick, pet sitting when you work late, a shoulder when you’re sad. When you look back on years that flew by- and they will- have people around you where you can say, “it wasn’t a waste- look who I shared it with”, even if everything else falls apart.

Don’t live through the lens of a camera but take photos and videos. Big moments, people you love, but also places, quiet times. Have a record of what filled all those years that flew by (and again, they will). If it’s something that works for you, also consider journaling. Write about things that make you happy. Sources of joy, even if it’s just a cute dog you saw. But also the things you need to express, even when they’re hard.

Edit: I’m really touched with how deeply this seems to be resonating with people. Thank you. Sincerely. ❤️

LPT: email address for my home paid off. You should do it too by doublethink_on_it in LifeProTips

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Sorry to be crass, but there’s no way you’re a homeowner. If you were, you would know that that information is already public record in every state.

Also, OP was talking about using this email with smart devices. These smart devices already have your location data.

The advice OP gave sure isn’t for everyone, but this comment and “advice” is fear mongering at worse and paranoia at best.

LPT Request-Any *legal* alternatives to caffeine to help me stay awake more? I have tried caffeine in many ways and forms but it just doesnt help me stay awake by virgin_vanilla in LifeProTips

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You may be familiar that your brain cells make connections with one another to send signals along. When you enter deep sleep connections in cells back off from one another and allow cerebralspinal fluid into the gap which washes away detritus and plaques like a street-sweeper.

There exists research in rats in depriving them of deep sleep. What they found is that ameloid plaques and the fibrous connections observed in dementia or alzheimer's patients.

From this, it is believed that part of the challenge with determining a cause of dementia or alzheimer's in old age may be less that these are diseases. But more of consequence of your body not undergoing repair processes over an extended period of time. There is correlation with those more susceptible to sleep disorders, or types of work that create unusual sleep patterns, having higher rates of memory issues in older age. The deep sleep phases may be essential to continue sweeping out that debris or it builds up.

Peter Attia's book Outlive includes chapter I'm pulling that information from.

If you've got a Whoop you may notice the effects of alcohol on sleep. Again. Sleep trackers are cheap now. When you sleep late in the evening and go to sleep, you do not hit the REM or deep phases of sleep for about four hours after drinking. Your body seems to metabolize off the alcohol, first, and then go about actual restful sleep. As a result much of the feeling of hangover is the effects of exhaustion from unrestful sleep. Again fits the pattern as those with alcohol problems for large parts of life tend to get dementia and alzheimers more often.

And provides a protocol. If you're drinking, it's better to do it earlier in the day and allow time for your body to metabolize it off sobering up before bed. This provides room to get your normal restful sleep also. Have it with dinner then stop. This seems to provide better sleep patterns when tracked on a whoop.

"Alcohol is poison" is a useful framing. For some people the phrase is enough that they have given up alcohol entirely, or cut down their drinking. Does a frame have to be true to be useful? Not really. Framings are levers you can use to get things done, with motivation and enjoying yourself.

Items in quotes are frames to look at things. There's an unpublished book I'm pulling some of that from. Because it's useful. Words are like spells. They can cast enchantments that change behaviors. You can use them to change your own behaviors. Rewire your human operating system. Which is the path to open the door on mental prisons.

LPT Request. What do you find really easy, that other people find difficult? Aka, your super-power. And any tips you have to share in this area. by RotoruaFun in LifeProTips

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Winning Veterans Service Connected Disability Claims for Military Sexual Trauma. The parameters for these are different from other claims. I volunteered for 20 years and won all of my nearly 6,000 claims I submitted. I did so well that Congesswoman Chellie Pingree flew me out to train her State Veterans Service Officers.

LPT: leave your tip for delivery drivers under your doormat by Cheesecakesgf in LifeProTips

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IMO "every right not to tip" is in the same vein as having the right to cut everybody in a line or take up 2/3/4 spots in a parking lot. It's not illegal, but that doesn't mean that's acceptable.