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Kendall was working on big things to make the world safer, but, ok, go off


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that’s how come he can rap?

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Squiggle is actually the one with superpowers.

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Kidney punch!!!

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I think it was subtle. When Kendall screamed “it’s kendling time” I thought Jesse was implying that he was secretly Jared Leto

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Just fucking go nut nut

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Gah that made me think of that one scene in The Boys

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That idea makes sense dramaturgically. I think adding CGI in the fight scenes would be a great addition as well!

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I appreciated the practical effects, but you could totally see the seams on the robot bird costumes during the final boardroom battle.

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Were we even watching the same show? It was clear when Ken told Greg to set course for Planet Mustafar, warp 7, that he was going to search for Logan. Even though Logan betrayed Ken to the Romulans, Ken still sees the good in him. The show is clearly about fighting for the good in humanity.

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"From my point of view the Matsson deal is evil."

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"You were supposed to bring balance to the Board, Kendall!"

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Like the Airplane Doctor should have had flying speed. He could have revived Logan, got the phone out of the shitter and cleaned it with his cleansing X-ray vision. First thing- who’s your Successor now, tough guy? The brat who won’t fulfill commands, or the brats who want more money for your company?

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Why wasn't morbius the CEO of waystar smh

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After Kendall lost the vote he should have laser eyed Frank, ala Homelander...

It's makes sense, dramaturgically

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Didn’t you hear? Roman was so upset that he didn’t become CEO that he became a mad scientist and accidentally made a special potion that turned him into Homelander

You heard that right. Roman is Homelander

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ur forgetting the straight to dvd movie coming where kendall uses the speed force to go back in time stop mattson only to find out hes actually a wagie and logan roy isnt a billionare. he teams up with Tom to buy waystar and defeat mattson who jacked him off at super speed to make it seem like he nuts at just a womans touch.

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I am about to go freakin nut nut

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I guess we all just forgot the season 3 arc where Hugo enters the speed force.

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“Whats’s Ligma, Tom?”

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Final boss battle between Tom and Greg in that bathroom (ends with sex scene)

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I feel at their heart they would good people. We saw glimpses of that with Shiv (especially when she got pregnant), Kendal when he is dancing with his children, Roman (when he runs to mom), Colin (he us good but spoiled). They are a product of their upbringing. They can’t help how they are

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Yeah lol