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On the one hand it's Nir, not Phil Collins... On the other hand, he spent very little time with Genesis, so there was a very short window of time for anyone to acquire that stick, which I would think makes it more rare!

Ultimately, I think it's probably less valuable than a Phil Collins drum stick, just because there are way more Phil fans than Nir fans...

But I honestly don't know for sure, and don't know a number.

Personally, I think Nir's stick from his time with Genesis is cooler, since it's more obscure, though!

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Sorry I’m going to have to put you on blast here…

(Buzz) Wrong! A Phil Collins drumstick would be 4,000 times cooler and more valuable, that’s a fact not an opinion.

Definitely more obscure though, I’ll give you that.

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I'll let you have this one... 🤣 But I do have a soft spot for Calling All Stations! It's the black sheep, but I accept it as it is!

While we're at it, can I get a signed microphone by Gary Cherone from his time in Van Halen? 😁

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Ayee way to be a good sport about it. Just having some fun 👍🏻. I’m a Phil head through and through.

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I mean, who isn't?! He's got to be one of the most interesting drummers to listen to!

But also, in my own personal defense of Nir Z: I'm also a big fan of Steve Augeri's time as lead singer of Journey. Augeri had a band called Tall Stories in the 90s. They only put out one album back then, but they reunited around 2008 and put out one more album. They're original drummer was still listed as the official drummer, he didn't actually play on the album (not sure why). Who took his spot? None other than Nir Z! So I really love this obscure connection between Steve Augeri & Tall Stories and Genesis! 🤣 Giving me one more point for Nir in my personal book!

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I pmed you if you are interested to sell.