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His quest for future hats has begun!

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Space hats OP

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Kazuha wasn't satisfied with world of Genshin Impact and now has entered into Honkai Star Rail universe. What purpose maybe behind his actions?

Artwork credits: Xinzoruo

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need hat

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Hertha is going to give him a cold reception.

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I adore kazuhat

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I adore Kazuhair

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I adorr Kazuhamehaaaaa!

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Good luck to Hook, Herta, and Pela on securing their hats, and good luck to Jing Yuan for securing his Ahoge.

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Seele too for ahoge

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Pela hands hers over to the hot boy with no resistance (and pretends she never had a hat when anyone asks). Hook gladly sells hers for 200 shields. Herta gives him an entire warehouse’s worth of puppet hats.

Star Rail is heaven for Kazuhat.

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He’s just standing there…


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The maple is but a vision….stolen!

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Hook and her hat better run

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Oh god, where's Pom-Pom!? We need to hide him before the hat thief bullies him!

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Perhaps it's finally time for Kazuha to come back to his roots and steal ahoges from people

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Having the trash panda and march as your companions really makes nothing weird anymore.

Dans entire existence can be summarized with this.

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Danny boy is too cute

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Bro used the power of istaroth to travel through time and space just to steal more hats

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Kazuha and DanHang are lost siblings I feel like 🤣

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Oh no, hide the hair and the hats

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Kazoo getting that Wind Harmony status. Still love my Wind The Hunt Dan Heng.

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this sanctuary is BUT A VISION

proceeds to kill Kazuha

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u trynna disrespect my accent, innit?

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The Mad Leafer!

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He is always prepared.

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Next, he will go to other worlds next.

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Dan Heng: ...weirdo...

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When Kazuha somehow got to join Stellaron Hunters

I wish there's a version of Kazuha when they introduced a Japanese styled planet/space colony, probably Himeko's home world...

better if genderbent Kazuha

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"No fucks given" Dan Hang

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"Oh no! Anyway."

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This is one of the best memes that came out of nowhere, ever.

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I love his blank smile in these comics