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No, Vulkan, no booping!

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*hawk screech*

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What are we going to do now, Tu'Shan? Vulkan is dead! Again!

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    i hate it took me until now to notice that it is the yu gi oh card frog the jam on her head.

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    Ah Frog the Jam, the monster with the most references in the entire series that never saw a day of play

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    I regret to inform you that he is now Slime Toad.

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    Konami just wants to print more frogs without needing to add "except jam the frog" to the text but still justice for our boy

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    Imagine if they print a “frog the jam” (or “jam the frog”, whichever name is NOT the cursed monster in your language) as part of the frog archetype as a sick joke to bring confusion to the masses.

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    Do not do it

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    Do not boop the merry suicide toad.

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    Stop wanting!

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    This proves that TTS is pretty much synonymous with Warhammer 40K. And if Games Workshop wants more fans they need to change their policies so we can get it back.

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    Problem is, alfabusa does not want it back either

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    I don't follow his Patreon religiously, did he actually say that somewhere? I got the feeling that he lost his passion for the project, but as far as I can remember, his official stance is still "we'll wait what GW does".

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    no, he didn't

    but it is pretty obvious: episodes were becoming increasing bloated, the plot had tons of loose threads which were increasing with every new release etc... It is clear to me that the show had come to a point where it needed an actual lead storywriter and not only editors and animators

    He took the chance to bail out when GW changed its policy towards creators, but the writings had been on the wall from at least ep. 24-25. His "I'm quitting TTS" video does not make any sense either: he says he is doing it due to GW's new policy, since he has a family now and he can't keep his eggs in one single basket which could be C&D'd/DMCA'd into oblivion on a whim (he also said he could not afford a lawyer, even though he's earning an obscene amount of money from Patreon each month)

    but years later his videos are still all on yt and racking millions of views and no one dared to lift a finger against them. And other creators are still going strong (e.g. Flashgitz) with no sign of any reaction by GW. So I call BS here

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    I mean if a story about one of your most famous chapters fighting degenerate furries (tautology, i know) does not get you C&D'd, then I doubt the occasional spicy meme would either.

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    also, said stories contain plenty of other licensed characters such as a good part of the Sonic cast. And honestly I don't think SEGA ever raised an eyebrow

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    he said on patreon that he might make an audio drama as that doesn't violate their terms. the htp charachters are just the tts guys but instead of angry skeleton it's funne man. i don't think you're as right as you think you are here mate

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    I just want the podcast back anyway. That was by far the best stuff imo.

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    My favourites are the vox logs. Especially his solo ones. Wamuudes got really great characterization, while showing an interesting lore slice. But the other two are also great.

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    That sucks but it is what it is. At least whatever he's doing now is going to have a great story and it's going to be hilarious.

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    right now GW seems to want to be the exclusive nerds. they don't want other people actually enjoying their stuff because they aren't high enough class nerds, only the elite uber nerds who work for GW are worthy to actually enjoy their stuff

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    In his last channel update they said that TTS can come back only if gw changes their policies, and they also said that even if they do that they will wait some time because they can't risk the livelihood of Alfa and the whole team

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    If was not for TTS i probably would not be reading fucking 300s fucking pages just to do a one shot for Wrath & Glory. And i hope the players enjoy the setting.

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    Thank you again for posting here!

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    Like Cane Toads in Australia !

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    So that’s where GW got the inspiration for Catachan.

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    Ribbit... (btw. No touchy!)

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    We require sly marbo now

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    I just want the TTS story to be finished goddamnit.

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    I still don't understand how can their toxins travel for kilometers. You just can't cram so much poison in a small frog.

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    Barking Toads are attracted to the Smell of Ammonia Sir! You really should've taken a Shower sir!

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    Is this a full comic?

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    Boop the snoot

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