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You know what. I might be inclined to make a Stardew Valley crossover with a Krieger...

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It would certainly change the dungeon crawling up a bit.

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it'd be like playing doom on 'dont hurt me' mode

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It's called Graveyard Keeper


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Now that would be a great game. Just mod in a Death Korps uniform for the player character and play the game as best of a Krieger you can.

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Mod all the tools so they're shovels.

Axe? Shovel.

Hoe? Shovel.

Watering can? Definitely a shovel.

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I can dig it

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Stardew Valley WH40K is a game I didn't know I needed until today.

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Sidesteps behind you

Nothing personal Grox!


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It still makes me laugh that this meme originated from a sonic OC (coldsteel the hedgehog) of all things

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this meme originated from a sonic OC

As do other wonders (and horrors)

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Mistakes into miracles

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    I… I refuse to believe that, Guardsman..

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    Tzeentch intended for him to steal it, no one knows why

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    i read that, and now i have a brain cell that is tasked with storing that information. i'm sorry little brain cell for what i've forced you to do, if you hate me i totally understand.

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    Don't worry, it's not just one brain cell. It's an entire network of brain cells that all fire in a specific pattern.

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    Wait it's actually from a specific thing?

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    Yes it's an infamous Sonic the Hedgehog OC

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    It doesn't have the "teleport behind you"? When was that added?

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    I cannot read a word that says, too low resolution.

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    I just read it for the first time. best piece of literature since Shakespeare, maybe even better

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    Nah it is just that normally you cant get meat if you are poor

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    Valve frying pan sound

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    I was genuinely expecting the Krieger to willingly take the hit wanting to die only for the grox to be friendly

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    The Krieger may be unhappy on such a peaceful planet but suicide is a waste of the Imperium's resources.

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    If you were from where im from your fricking dead.

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    I’m a Force a nature.

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      You are off topic bot.

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        Wow, first time I have two comment copy bots reply to me!

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        Based OP for crediting the artist

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        I'm afraid. Will it be wholesome or sad

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        So far it has been wholesome but that could change with later posts

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        Got links to the first two parts in the Series?

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        I like how the Big Grox is effectively a Khornate grox because it has three 8s on its ear tag, horns in the shape of the World Eater helmet, and an icon of Khorne on its right shoulder.

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        Called "Follower of the Red Path"; yep it's Khornate.

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        Huh, didnt notice the khorne icon before

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        Thank you for pointing that out, I missed that before, makes it even funnier

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        Can Grox give milk? Because then we found the source for the milk in the Khorneflakes!

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        If the Krieger noticed those things, he might've executed the grox and burned the remains instead of merely beating it into submission.

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        Muffled I’m the alpha now.

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        Yes mr. Inquisitor, that men right there announced he is from alpha legion

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        Yeah and?... Alpha Legion is a loyal chapter of the imperium

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        You're just mad cause you're from beta legion

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        Nearby Inquisitor: what do you mean exactly by... "supernaturally" peaceful?

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        Guardsman: as in, it’s so peaceful and the locals are so polite there’s no way it can be anything other than the ruinous powers, inquisitor.

        Inquisitor: what did you say the name of this place was?

        Guardsman: the locals call this place “Canada”, sir.

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        Don’t ask them what happened to the previous inhabitants though, or about the ferocity of their guardsmen enlisted by the tithe.

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        Also don't go anywhere near the wildlife called "Geese".

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        Or where those previous inhabitants where reeducated

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        also don't ask about starlight tours

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        Clearly you've never met these Canadians at one of their primary recreational arenas. Theres a reason there is a saying "I went to a fight but then a hockey game broke out"

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        Sounds a lot like Cadia! We should check for nearby eyes of terror

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        Canadian: Eye of terror, that sounds bad, what is it?

        Inquisitor: an entry to hell filled with Ruinous powers

        Canadian: Oh ya, no, for sure, that sounds like Calgary when the geese migrate.

        Inquisitor: What is this “Geese?”

        Canadian: That’s a goose


        Guardsman: how is that the ruinous powe…GET IT OFF!, GET IT OFFF!!!


        Inquisitor: Bh the God-Emperor

        Canadian: You can’t say I didn’t warn him, eh?

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        So peaceful that it takes Khornate influence for anything to act up (see: the Khorne icons and numbers on that aggressive grox).

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        Borderline supernatural peaceful atmosphere you say?

        Oh no

        Knowing 40k, it can't be anything good

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          Honestly I can see that. Well that, or this is just a part of Tzeentch's plan which has been stolen by Alpharious and turned into a plan that can actually benefit humanity for once.

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          Man, Uncle Jonas' back is the pope now? That's either a miracle or HERESY!

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          I hate it when I pope my back.

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          I could be wrong, but I thought grox meat was a luxury, I swear I’ve seen regular domestic farm animals referenced before or at of least things that fit the description.

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          Nah it is just that normally you cant get meat if you are poor. Grox is the cheapest meat.

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          Why is it the cheapest? Dangerous animals seem like they'd be harder to farm.

          Caveat: I do not know lore.

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          They usually lobotomise them to keep them docile as I recall

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          Seems odd that people would be scared of them then, or need to explain why the atmosphere makes them chill. At least until the krieg realises they're not lobotomized.

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          Well a lobotomized grix may not be innately aggressive but it's still a several ton, uncoordinated, very stupid animal covered in spiky bits.

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          I recommend reading “the bookkeepers skull” for an example of why you don’t want the Grox getting loose xD

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          Grox are very hardy creatures and can be raised in all sorts of environments so the Imperium had multiple planets worth of grox being raised for food, hence its availability, at least compared to other meats

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          They can litterally eat everything. Grow extremely fast and can live in desetrs, wastes, in low and high temperatures +++.

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          I think that might be something of a "medieval potato" issue where authors slip in terms of the universe setting and insert something inconsistent.

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          Ah I get it

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          Probably this, that said, setting wise I don’t see why something ubiquitous as a chicken, sheep or goat, etc. wouldn’t have made it to the 41st millennium, dogs & cats have after all.

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          We know pigs have, but that's because apparently, even in the 41st millenia, pig skin makes for the best writing medium.

          But the serious answer would be that grox represents a cheaper or easier livestock to raise displacing beef, chicken, and / or mutton/lamb. Perhaps to such an extent that galactically that they have become exotic. A parallel to this IRL is organ meat, at least in the US. A century ago, things like tongue, tripe, or pigs' ears were pretty common. Now you might find them at a supermarket but will likely have to go a kinda boutique-y niche store to get it.

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          Aren't grox lobotomized to make them docile?

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          In most circumstances, yes. However, if by happenstance they were already pretty controllable, why bother? And i seem to remember at least one novel where its noted that it was cheaper to keep them in pits than lobotomize them.

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          yes they tend to eat each other when not lobotomized

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          I’m so thankful to Mick for this super wholesome comic series…but I know there’s a daemonblade lurking in the dark waiting to impale me through the back with a terrible, grimdark ending.

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          Same Energy:

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          Thanks for making me smile on a bad day. :)

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          Brothers, I want to pet the death cow.

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          Do not pet that merry Khornate cattle.

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          I want to boop the snoot

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          Stop wanting!

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          NO BOOPING!

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          I want to pet the merry Khornate cattle.

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          I too want to pet the death cow.

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          I can't seem to find part 2 anywhere, anybody got a link?

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          You made me have to look trought his entire twitter page, feel bad!!!!

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          The real MVP. I'll be honest, I passed it and thought it was part 1.

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          feel bad!!!!

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          "do not pet" Me: I do like to pet this creature

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          …don’t do that

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          It would be but a single boop on its noggin

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          Do not boop that angry Khornate cattle.

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          I want to boop the snoot!

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          How and why the Imperium decided that a predator species would make the best livestock is beyond me.

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          It's big, hardy, and grows quickly. I think it's a tad obvious.

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          Regular Krieger just domesticated a Khornite Grox.

          This is a pure form of art. Need more of it

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          "Do not waste imperial resource"

          Wait, me or the grox?

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          This is played out like an anime. I love it

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          It‘s called a comic

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          Is that like a manga?

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          Yes, but backwards

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          An agnam?

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          So how long before he gets a lance and mounts one?

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          Grox burgers ensure Imperium's survival.

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          Grox abuse

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          Yeah, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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          That’s why you lobotomize grox so they’re less aggressive

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          On the fourth panel, one of those bonks is the girl's heart. :)

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          It was nice of the kreiger to use the flat of his shovel

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          I want to boop the snoot

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          I love chonky grox

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          Terranis holds.

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          Good to see the Kriegsman is adjusting well to his retirement

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          Only a Kriegsmen could beat obedience into a grox…

          Correction: only a kriegsmen could beat obedience into Khornate livestock.

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          If not friend, why friend shape?

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          casually remembers the Krieger is probably like 10 or 12

          Awwwwww (but sad)

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          Weird, i always thought the Grox was more of a bull, if bulls were bred on Catachan.

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          I love this series so much. It's too cute

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          Looks like a fallout deathclaw.

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          This is so adorable!

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          This is the grimdank content I'm here for.

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          I just noticed that Groxigon has the number 888 on its ear tag. No fucking wonder it's ornery and angry, that's Khorne's sacred number.

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          It also has World Eater helmet shaped horns and "follows the red path".

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          Horns and follows the red path…. Neat

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          Fact:Because every part of a grox is delicious and nutritious, they are basically highly territorial and aggressive, so they have to lobotomize them to turn them into herding animal.

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          I love these!

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          They’re so round

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          Here for the inevitable sad ending of this Krieger getting accustomed tk the planet right before it gets invaded by Tyranids or something

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          Y’okay, real talk bit that Krieger must’ve been in a Regiment with animals in it

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          What happened to cows

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          dead... just like monkeys but unlike rats gators and salmons

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          Gators will outlive us by a long ass time.

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          I mean, logistically doesn’t it make more sense to use plant and insect proteins to feed the innumerable masses of the Imperium? Maybe fish and crustaceans for water worlds but a cow-sized crocodile feels too Edgy TM

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          It's Old Lore. Probably a reference to a comic book. Or some really obscure episode of Star Trek. The derp is complimentary. Don't forget Ambulls and Sand Clams and the rest. It's in there, too.

          Plus the oddity that for all the essential value of Grox soldiers get fed corpse starch far more often. /shrug

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          Got it krieg man chases the frog with a shovel

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          If there's ever a 40k anime I want it to be this

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          This is precious

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          I love the little khorn sign on the grox

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          Why did the Imperium choose to widely domesticate the animal that wants to kill you? Shouldn't they have chosen a more docile and tame species?

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          I mean, maybe it tastes so good it's worth the risk?