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I love the concepts of these trasnhumans and mutants and shit in 40k, what does it mean to be so "super human" that you cant even understand humans anymore, what does it mean to be soulless, what does it mean to be a killer of thousands of enemies and witnessing such intense violence for so long - who is the person that emerges from that? I wish 40k delved into this more, I feel everyone is too human in the novels nowadays.

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Yeah, I am usually incredibly tired of the human (human including all transhumans and others) perspective just because there is way too much of it. But when it is done well like Helsreach, I can’t put it down.

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Long live Alfa and TTS

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What a cute little abomination

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    Jokes on you, I allready have extreme depression, your non-warp (anti-warp?) tricks are useless against me! Muhahahahaha!!

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    i fucking loved that book

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    ,,what's wrong with doing so, little one? After all, we all once were but merely a humans, one among uncountable others. Maybe I still have something left of what I once was and if not, why not just pretend it's just it?''

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    Literally "return to mon'keigh"

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    I mean the soulless one was never human

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    Soch burn and compassionate at the same time, amazing

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    Noooooooooope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Do not fall for the cuteness. It is a trap to crush your heart.

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    What if I’m a masochist

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    Here you go.

    Enjoy ;)

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    This is not sad it's beautiful

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    This is not sad it's beautiful

    Episode 2 then.

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    OK ok I concede you win :c

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    I think it's still beautiful.

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    made me laugh and cry at the same time. What a treat.

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    made me laugh

    No laughing. Only tears.

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    no tears this go around. But these two were definitely somber. Can't imagine what it will feel like to be truly ready to pass on.

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    Personally, the thing I find most interesting is having a genetic mutation render you "soulless".

    I can grok the idea that, in 40K every being contributes to a gestalt psyche that is the Warp, and therefore you have beings that dampen it rather than contribute, but how would that translate to soulless?

    If SoS are soulless then what is in the place where that vital component SHOULD be?

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    They're not really soulless, it's more that blanks have an "anti-soul" that hides from and repulses warpstuff rather than attract it like a normal soul would. It's part of why regular humans are inherently predisposed against blanks. Their own souls, made of warp material, are on a certain level repulsed by a blank's anti-soul.

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    That was my understanding as well. I'm wondering if Big E ever considered the purposeful proliferation of this mutation or whether he would have viewed it as a hinderance to humankind ascending to be a psychic race like the Eldar or Old Ones.

    I know he was famously difficult to discern actual motive, but if he was trying to starve Chaos, intentionally increasing the number of humans who actively suppress it would have been a good start.

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    Thought it was the inquisition who was trying that

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    intentionally increasing the number of humans who actively suppress it would have been a good start.

    You would be interested in the Bequin series, by Dan Abnett. Can't say anything more for fear of spoilers...

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    My headcanon is souls in 40k are connection / relationship between the warp and what we normally think of soul (what gives someone a mind, a personality, thoughts, emotions...). The necron are disconnected, blanks have built in wifi jammer, and the Taus still use dial-up.

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    That's a good analogy!

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    I always took to the warp being a crossing dimension.

    Where if we take as angle, then the 0° is material, and 90° is immaterial, with humanity being at normal at 20 to 50°, with Blank being lower, so blocking more immaterial, and Psyker being at 50+° as they are more in tune to the immaterium.

    And each being, and even each material would be on this scale, with the 2 extreme being the Warp Itself and the Black stone technology

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    “You look monstrous when you pretend to be human” is a raw line, I’m gonna use that

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    Fun fact that is a fully grown, 5' women. Custodians are uge

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    Honestly, I’ve always pictured the SOS being around 6 feet tall, just pretty hard to be afraid of some noticeably shorter than you.

    But yeah, Custodes are like 9 feet tall on average if I remember correctly.

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    Not that hard if you can feel your very soul dim and sputter out in their presence

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    I meant more from a distance, bu that’s a good point.

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    But then why is the SoS almost as tall as him?

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    According to one of the Horus Hersey guides the SoS get genetic augmentation. So she may just be freakishly tall (more realistically it's just artist interpretation).

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    That little brat is definitely getting a talking to after they are out of sight lol

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    The SOS is mute or/and Probably deaf

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    Well, in general the SOS can speak and hear. They just take a vow not to. That's why they use acolytes (who haven't taken the vow yet) as translators. It just makes things easier.

    There was one time a SOS actually said a word lol. It was from the Watchers of the Throne series.

    I mean, it's possible that THIS particular SOS is mute and/or deaf. But that likelihood is similar to any random human being mute and/or deaf

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    That's sister commander Jenetia Krole, you could say she is mute since apart from the vows of the sisterhood she also has that halfmask surgically attached to her mouth. Plus I doubt she's going to bother talking with the child since she's a novice sister herself.

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    (Before Sisters of Silence take their vow of silence, they can act as translators for their elders.)

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    Imagine being so upset by a child roasting you, you call her an abomination lmao

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    I mean, if the child is a blank (which the SoS are), then they quiet literally lack a soul. It's that feature that severs them from the warp

    Which considering that the ultimate fate for souls in 40k are to become a deamons plaything in the warp... might be kinda a good thing. The afterlife in 40k friggin sucks

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      Why not exactly the same, I would look into the Pariah Nexus. It's basically a part of the galaxy that the Necrons are purposely making "blank". The humans (and other living things) are slowly having their connection to the warp completely cut off. So it's not that the people are becoming blanks, more like they are functionally being made as if blanks...

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      Good thing humans are powerful enough to really be aware of what's happening to them

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      Eh I think its meant to be more "good-natured" then that, hence the wink.

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      There's no age limit on talking shit

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      Hands rated E for everyone

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      It's honestly kinda cute and wholesome. I really love when stories of trying to find humanity in mutants or machines is handled properly. And this is a great example.

      Two of those who's kind is viewd as abominations by the wider Imperium, mutants amd soulless ones, yet they still have some humanity left within them. It's seldom shown. But when it is, it speaks volumes.

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      In a similar note, there's this part from the same book

      The Emperor smiled, and it was by far the most unpleasant sight Ra had ever witnessed. Emotion painted across a human face, as false as the grotesques at any masquerade.

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      Jenetia Krole is one of my favorite characters.