I really like designing Arsenal kits. Hope you like them more than next year's away kit! by oscarx-rayTierney in Gunners

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Have you ever noticed that if you turn “OGC Nice” 90 degrees (or even just what I typed here), the letters OGC look like a guy holding his penis?

You didn’t need to know this but now you do

[Standard] Xhaka “I am thankful for that (how the fans have treated me) and I want to give them something back [for] maybe my LAST GAME on Sunday. [..] For sure, you guys will know next week what happens with my future.” by Tarp96༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Arsenal give me my energy back༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ in Gunners

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"Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, hardened like a Swiss rock face, Granit Xhaka in one fell swoop has ended both Diego Costa's football career and any hope he had of going on Brazilian Strictly Coming Dancing.

A ferocious tackle, reminiscent of such great midfielders before him: Vieira, Parlour, Coquelin, he has snapped through both his ankles and left the pseudo Brazilian in a heep on the floor.

Drawing parallels with his infamous substitution against Crystal Palace, Xhaka walks off the pitch and holds one finger in the air. Not the middle one this time, but the thumb as if to give one final goodbye to the Emirates faithful."

Say it louder for the people in the back by Panthro92 in Gunners

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Well, tbh you have to scroll down to see them

Sky reporter: "Who helped you most in the process of settling in?". Trossard: "To be honest, Kieran". by alsonleeSir Gabriel Martin Nelly in Gunners

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“Sure boss….alright Leo? Been a bit. Right, there’s your locker, and over there is where you can refill your water bottle. The bogs are over there. Canteen is down the hall to the right, the vending machine on the far side sometimes give you two Twirls instead of one but keep that on the low. Anything else? Alright cheers mate have a good one”

Statement from Ashburton Army fan group regarding their walkout v Chelsea by SoupBoth in Gunners

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You can spot the yanks from the bootlicking comments in this thread 😂

May 03, 2023 Daily Discussion & Transfers Thread by gunnersmoderator in Gunners

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Erling Braut Haaland, one day, like all of us, you will face the Creator for judgement, and he will not ask you how many goals you scored.

Post Match Thread: Manchester City 4 - 1 Arsenal [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBotBeep Bop in Gunners

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Well that was shit. We can rave about all the terrible pressing and mistakes made today but there's no point. Admittedly the title is now over, barring the greatest collapse in the football leagues history, but I love this squad and this club. I have never loved being an Arsenal fan more than now. Before the season started, we were happy with 4th. To be in a title race up to 5/6 games to go with City is incredible. Liverpool greatest team for decades could only win one title against this UAE-funded, FFP violating, no history team. So I can make peace with not winning the league....yet.

The difference between us and the title was the clench moments and 'final' games. We are just not experienced in these situations.

Hopefully now the team can play with a bit more freedom and joy in the last 5 games now we have nothing to lose. Fans need to stay behind the team for all they have done up to this point. This has been the most enjoyable season to support Arsenal in my memory (I was 7 during the invincibles so forgive me).

The team is young and this experience can only help us going forward. Back in the UCL next season. Get some depth and upgrade the squad a bit in the summer. Get Saliba's and Saka's contracts locked down and I think we will be back to having fun next year.


Post Match Thread: Manchester City 4 - 1 Arsenal [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBotBeep Bop in Gunners

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The team looked terrified tonight. They didn’t go into this match believing that they could win, and City went in for the kill. As much as I dislike them and the reason why they’re in this position, City are an unbelievable team, and they can do this against anyone.

With that said, I know that people are hurt, but to see suggestions that Arteta isn’t the right man for Arsenal is total madness. We need to remember that this is a young squad, with a young manager, coming up against a side with a bottomless pit of cash, who have been settled for years under one of the greatest managers in the history of the game.

That’s not to suggest that he is immune to criticism, but I genuinely can’t understand how anyone could question Arteta’s position after the job he has done. He’s completely turned this club around, and I hope that he’s able to grow with us, and continue the progression.

Post Match Thread: Arsenal 3 - 3 Southampton [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBotBeep Bop in Gunners

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God I just hate City and everything they stand for so much

Match Thread: Arsenal vs Southampton [English Premier League] by GunnersMatchBotBeep Bop in Gunners

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Fair weather fans in here gotta go. People saying we're gonna finish in 4th.

Get Out.

What kind of fans are you if you have no belief?

lovely saturday by HeartfulBreezeTomiyasu in Gunners

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Haaland 4'

Haaland 13'

Grealish 27'

Haaland 45'

Why likes of Liverpool, ManU n Chelsea are ok with ManCity winning the title but will not support Arsenal. by soibamMartinelli in Gunners

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Why I want Arsenal to win the league: because I’m a Gooner. Nothing else matters