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Make sure you mention to folks that you received the gift, just so they know and aren't worrying that something got lost in the ether! My favorite item was a wooden bathtub caddy with spots for a book, a wine glass, etc. We also got it early and it is getting soooo much use!

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And by mentioning I know you mean send a thank you note.

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I'm sending all thank you notes after the wedding so I can so thank them for attending as well. While I know etiquette calls for a thank you note within a week of receiving a gift even before the wedding, I know my circle would be confused about receiving two thank you notes.

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The second thank you note is unnecessary if it’s just for attending the wedding. Much better etiquette to send a note for the gift.

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wow you've gotten quite a lot! There's not a ton on ours because we bought a house last year and have lived together for like 6 years lol but on a whim I put a new Ninja blender on ours and someone just bought it!! So exciting!

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I was personally not expecting to have absolutely no shipping or notifications come when items were purchased from Crate and Barrel, so I’m not sure if you’re having a better experience?

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I believe there is an option you can turn on and off to be notified when guests purchase items

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I absolutely love my insulated backpack! It can fit 6 XL wine bottles plus a growler or multiple potluck dishes and keeps it super cold and makes it super easy to carry because it's a backpack! Hands down favorite gift.

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I’m sooo excited about the Williams Sonoma honeycomb collection I have on my registry!!