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DD: Everything you need to know [GME] by --X0X0--Makes 300 IQ connections in wallstreetbets

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This company needs to produce real results. All of this is just speculation.

I think $40 was a great price for the company, and DFV knows that. Now at $100+ it's in over-valued territory again. They have a lot of work to do, a lot to prove, and so if you are trying to determine the fundamental value then it is not yet $100.

The price is where it is because of MANY other factors, mostly supply and demand, a short float, aggressive short positions, aggressive long positions. Lots of money being made. This thing could just as easily go back to $500 for a day before crashing again.

At this point if you bought at $40 this is an investment. Sit back and check back in a year.

If you are a TRADER then you can buy at any price and make money, if you're lucky. If you buy at $100 and sell at $150. Amazing 50% return. But, most people are going to be greedy, hold on too long, not have any stop-losses and watch their 10 minute gain of 1000% become 20% become -25%. This is because most people, new retail investors, don't have the experience yet to realize the price movements of GME are not typical, not normal and people trade an entire year just to get 18% on their money, and consider that good. So if you are up 20%... please realize that's fantastic.

Dear Apes, why was Rocket’s dividend strategy genius? I’ll try to dumb it down for you fuck tards. by The_Big_Short_2020 in wallstreetbets

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The debt to equity is really misleading. The entirety of the equity was written off as "minority interest" in Q3, except for the retained earnings and "additional paid in capital." So I think it's some sort of odd balance sheet artifact, or maybe something to do with rocket companies being owned by Rock Holdings.

I looked at the SEC filings and they've also written off all earnings as minority interest. My understanding of normal minority interest is that it literally can't be over 50% of your earnings, bc otherwise it would no longer be minority interest at all, so it's a little confusing.

If you take that into account, the equity continues to show the growth you'd have expected from previous quarters. Also, the debt is bloated I believe in part bc of the mortgage origination business model--they had 24B in "Notes payable" debt, but a corresponding 27B in "Notes Receivable" assets.

I spent more time on this than I like to admit by nerooooooo in wallstreetbets

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It's because we're not paper-handed

Although looking at these rewards, maybe we are...

Am I the only one upset about this? by 707HPCAT in wallstreetbets

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Yeah, CEO gets millions in bonus is not like, headlines news, especially when their stock has done phenomenal in the last month or so

Makes you wonder why someone would write it in the first place