'Virgin birth' recorded in crocodile for 1st time ever by capitao_moura in worldnews

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Jesus took 'after a while, crocodile' a little too literally

Russians Shooting at Rescuers in Flooded Areas, Zelenskyy Says by OkayButFoRealz in worldnews

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Not surprising. Its not the first time russia has opened fire on humanitarian operations.

Like last year when Ukraine negotiated to open a humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave encircled cities, russia just broke the deal and opened fire on them even though they were unarmed civilians.
They did it on several separate occasions.

People pretending like "this is putin's war" and yet its soldiers that chose to do stuff like this, every time.

Russians Shooting at Rescuers in Flooded Areas, Zelenskyy Says by OkayButFoRealz in worldnews

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It was “fucking obvious” to all the armchair intelligence experts here who was responsible for blowing up that gas pipeline until the facts came out later and revealed their assumptions were wrong.

Nato members may send troops to Ukraine, warns former alliance chief by KrushRock in worldnews

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Canada during peace: I'm sorry.

Canada during war: You're sorry.

Terrorism ruling first for Canada 'incel' attack by uniqualykerd in worldnews

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My opinion is that it comes by feeling generally unwanted by everyone, a feeling developed by being either directly or indirectly by others.

Think about the quiet, kinda weird kid in class that doesn't do quite well, don't socialize with his classmates after school and just goes home and play videogames. At some point he will overhear his peers calling him a loser and a future school shooter. How about a short man opening twitter and seeing a series of "short men are worthless" tweets? Now, of course you shouldn't listen to what twatters say since twitter is a shithole, but this guy, already being bullied for his height, won't help but feel worse.

A lot of men who deviate from the norm, either physically or mentally, will get a lot of shit and when they seek support they are told to "man up", "do better", "it's all in your head", and have their problems dismissed as entitlement and laziness. So when they finally find people who sympathize for them and tell them that it's the Feminists and Normies' fault and they hate you for being different who are they going to listen to? Those who scorned them or those who sympathize with them? And so the hate already seeded into them blooms into a wonderful prickly flower of misanthropy.

Support needs to come before someone becomes an incel. What these men needed was love (not necessarily romantic love) and acceptance before they fell into the hole. "Unincelling" someone is hard because the hate towards others, but also himself, becomes part of their identity.

As for why there's a lot of focus on sex within incel communities, that's because incels see sex as the ultimate form of acceptance and love. It's not about "getting their dick wet", as many people reduce it to but really, really being wanted by someone. Whether it actually is or not i can't say.

'Virgin birth' recorded in crocodile for 1st time ever by capitao_moura in worldnews

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The second coming will be a bit different than expected...

Tunisian president suggests taxing rich as solution to fiscal problem by green_flash in worldnews

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Imagine people believing that you can tax your way to prosperity. Why hasn't anyone done that before?

PGA Tour agrees to merge with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf by nolesfan2011 in worldnews

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Don't worry, they'll introduce the Jamal Khashoggi Memorial Classic to make up for it..

White House: US cannot conclusively determine cause of Ukrainian dam destruction by SmaugStyx in worldnews

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Have they asked random Redditors? A lot of them seem to know with absolute certainty what happened.

4 Chinese, 4 Russian military planes enter S. Korea's air defense zone without notice: S. Korean military by Saltedline in worldnews

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This is a non-story.

The Korean ADIZ extends beyond South Korean territorial water, and overlaps in international water with the Chinese ADIZ.

We fly into China's ADIZ regularly, China flies into SKs regularly.

Every now and then some "journalist" notices it and the response on flight tracking, and requests a statement from the associated countries department of defense so they can write a vague inflammatory article about it.

Other than posturing, nobody behind the scenes gives a shit about this, and the pilots of the planes probably waved at each other in the flyby.

Mysterious species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans by MagnusAuslander in worldnews

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Paleolithic archaeologist here—while these finds are truly amazing, it is a HYPOTHESIS that Homo naledi was the creator of the symbols and the ones burying the bodies (if they are burials at all). Our species Homo sapiens was around during this period and is known to make symboled nearly identical to the ones found in the cave (albeit the earliest evidence is currently at 100,000 years ago but any archaeologist and paleontologist knows the earliest evidence of something is certainty not the first time something occurred due to very small samples and preservation). We also don’t know the ages of the symboled, but the research team has assumed that everything that ever happened in this cave occurred simutanioisly (for no good reason). An alternative hypothesis is that Homo sapiens (or even another hominin species) made these, alongside a host of hypotheses. In reality, intensive scientific research into the origins of these symbols and purported burials will commence in which I’m sure many alternative hypotheses will come forward, be tested, and rejected or supported as science is supposed to work.

Honestly, I have very little respect for the way the lead researcher, Lee Burger, presents his findings. It is always sensationalized and he presents a single hypotheses that he favors as fact—this is the definition of bad science communication. Major discoveries in paleoanthropology like this are always announced in peer reviewed journals like Nature or Science, where other scientists have to review first and can actually evaluate the data on their own, and the discoveries are accompanied by pages and pages of supporting data. He circumvents the scientific peer reviewed process by doing these large public speeches in which no data is presented (typically because they haven’t yet collected it, just look into the history of research into Rising Star cave and how often they must later revise their “facts” of the cave when they actually do the work). These speeches are meant to promote his NARRATIVE of what is happening and to get lots of public attention (and thus funding). Many of my colleagues know him personally and most say he often looses sight of scientific rigor for fame. These discoveries were announced in such a manner, and have not even been peer reviewed or published in a scientific journal.

Lee Burger has made fantastical claims before that have not held up to scientific scrutiny and will probably do it again. Unfortunately, by making public speeches before the science can be peer reviewed he sets his own narrative to the public (just look at this thread) and it takes years and years of research to now change the public perception when evidence counter to his claims comes to light. This is dangerous and not how science should work.

Mysterious species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans by MagnusAuslander in worldnews

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I'm going to disagree with everybody else responding to you and say that this is needlessly cynical.

For the layman, the revelation that a recently discovered small brained ancestor of us carved anything into a wall on purpose a hundred thousand years before we thought is pretty significant. Nobody is claiming they had a language or syntax or anything. The fact that these carvings are still around is mind-blowing.


this is likely no more meaningful than a chimp playing with its poop. I'm intending accuracy, not glibness; there is nothing here.

is pretty ridiculous. Not only does it needlessly downplay the discovery and the researchers who worked on it, but it's also fairly hubristic to talk in such certain terms about a rapidly evolving field of study. You can't say in certain terms that these markings are random and not purposeful. In fact, the research cited in the article makes the case that the idea they were purposeful "cannot be easily dismissed."

Mysterious species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans by MagnusAuslander in worldnews

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"EQ" in this case refers to encephalisation quotient which, in plain english, is the ratio of brain size to body size. It's definitely something paleontologists can estimate!

Now, how exactly does relative brain size impact intelligence? Hard to say much more than it seems in hominin species, ever growing brain seems to correlate with growing intelligence. Does that also apply to cetaceans? Who the hell knows. It's not a comparison / implication I'd make, personally 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Mysterious species buried their dead and carved symbols 100,000 years before humans by MagnusAuslander in worldnews

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Hello, linguist here. It's a very interesting find, but I'd like to assure people this is in no way representative of either a writing system or spoken language. (Edit: No, the article does not claim it is. Redditors are. I'm sorry for the confusion). Both are fairly impossible to have occurred among Homo naledi.

The etchings are non-repetitive, drawn over each other, and seem to mimic natural shapes rather than geometric shapes. One wall appears to contain a depiction of a skeletal ribcage. We can only speculate as to what was going through the minds of our ancestors and cousins at the dawn of intelligence, but this is likely no more meaningful than a chimp playing with its poop. I'm intending accuracy, not glibness; there is nothing here.

Communication systems don't actually require enormous brains, and 'EQ' only gets you so far. Parrots and great apes are capable of learning many of our associative concepts. But they'll never learn syntax. Syntax, or word order, or more accurately the relationship between words, is an emergent property of the architecture of a human brain. It's inherited, and it's young. It's thought to date between 40K and 100K years in our evolution, probably between the last and second-to-last migration out of Africa. An inherited trait, it was only passed on sexually. It's the reason a parrot, for example, can have an impressive vocabulary and yet never learn pivots or theta roles that let it interpret complex human sentences. It can't acquire anaphors and recursiveness. In a sentence like Mary hit John, it can't tell you who was hit and who did the hitting, even if it understands who Mary and John are, and what hitting entails. We know this because modern humans in cases of abuse, who never acquired syntax before puberty, when that window of our development closes forever, can't make these determinations. We know at least this aspect of language has a biological basis that is species-centric and must be primed by one's environment.

Writing, which is not language but an imperfect means of encoding language, is much younger than the development of syntax in Homo sapiens sapiens. It has in fact only been independently invented 3-4 times in our species' history (China, Mesoamerica, and Egypt-Sumer depending on whether you accept those last two as distinct)—all of which in the last 6-7 thousand years, with 2000 of those years being proto-writing. That's 6000 years out of potentially 100,000 years of combinatorial spoken language, which Homo naledi would not have had.

Tl;dr: It's inconceivable that a species can independently create a writing system without having the spoken tools for the writing system to encode, and those tools never belonged to another Homo species than our own. This is the equivalent of very undetailed, very damaged cave art. I don't mean to downplay the discovery, but people are already jumping to conclusions and need to kick it back a notch and appreciate this for what it is.

Contract proving Iran's sale of ammunition to Russia leaked to media by 5WYR in worldnews

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Dude, I am Iranian and I fucking hate the government.

Why do you say fuck Iran? We go to the streets and get shot even sometimes by foreign military soldiers that support the government.

Why do you curse us?

Palestinian toddler shot by Israeli troops in West Bank dies of wounds by Lionel54321 in worldnews

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A few months ago, the IDF assissinated a journalist. Before that, the IDF raided mosques during holy services. Before that, the IDF bombed a press center. Before that the IDF shot aid workers. Before that, isreal adopted and implemented segregation. Including forceably removing people from their homes and bulldozing schools. Looking at these events and others, international human rights groups have recognized isreal policies and practices as apartheid. South Africa, an expert on apartheid, also called out isreal on its apartheid. Former isreali officials have called isreali practices as apartheid.

Isreal receives multiple billions of dollars from the largest military ever to exist in human history. Isreal has anti missile systems to respond to attacks with unguided unsophisticated rockets.

But "Both sides", huh?

This infant—this baby, barely 24 months old—isn't the first or only baby killed by the IDF of apartheid isreal. Not the only child.

When the oppressed lashes out against the oppessor, that's not terrorism, that's self-defense.

The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns by GoogleBabeler in worldnews

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Crucial thing here which it took me ages to realise - probably because it's rarely explicitly stated:

The distribution of light/heat/radiation emitted by the Sun is very different than the distribution of light/heat/radiation emitted from the Earth. This is true even though most of the light emitted by Earth ultimately originated at the Sun. The Sun's radiation peaks at around green in the visible light spectrum. The energy leaving the Earth though peaks in the infra red. Those different kinds of light don't behave the same way.

If the kind of light the Sun and the Earth emitted was the same, the greenhouse effect wouldn't happen - at least not in the same way. More greenhouse gasses would mean we get less energy from the Sun.

But greenhouse gasses are ones that are transparent to the energy the Sun emits that heats up Earth, but not transparent (or less transparent) to the energy the Earth emits that cools Earth down.

Men in Russia to be registered for military service without appearing in military registration and enlistment office by HarakenQQ in worldnews

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Unfortunately this mindset whilst admirable is hard to act upon for a few reasons really,

How do you know the first person you mention a resistance to isn't going to rat you out for preferential treatment?

How do you get enough people together to be any form of threat to the people you'd need to be a threat to? Do you think even 1,000 people could get near Putin before word got out that you were actually Ukrainian Nazis trying to take over the Kremlin and the army descended upon you?