The Upper Atmosphere Is Cooling, Prompting New Climate Concerns by GoogleBabeler in worldnews

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Crucial thing here which it took me ages to realise - probably because it's rarely explicitly stated:

The distribution of light/heat/radiation emitted by the Sun is very different than the distribution of light/heat/radiation emitted from the Earth. This is true even though most of the light emitted by Earth ultimately originated at the Sun. The Sun's radiation peaks at around green in the visible light spectrum. The energy leaving the Earth though peaks in the infra red. Those different kinds of light don't behave the same way.

If the kind of light the Sun and the Earth emitted was the same, the greenhouse effect wouldn't happen - at least not in the same way. More greenhouse gasses would mean we get less energy from the Sun.

But greenhouse gasses are ones that are transparent to the energy the Sun emits that heats up Earth, but not transparent (or less transparent) to the energy the Earth emits that cools Earth down.

Men in Russia to be registered for military service without appearing in military registration and enlistment office by HarakenQQ in worldnews

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Unfortunately this mindset whilst admirable is hard to act upon for a few reasons really,

How do you know the first person you mention a resistance to isn't going to rat you out for preferential treatment?

How do you get enough people together to be any form of threat to the people you'd need to be a threat to? Do you think even 1,000 people could get near Putin before word got out that you were actually Ukrainian Nazis trying to take over the Kremlin and the army descended upon you?

Ukrainian army destroys Russia’s mainland route to Crimea with blasts in Berdyansk and Melitopol by NG06 in worldnews

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It is their civic duty. At least while they have their passport. After that it will be one long arduous odyssey. That is, if they are physically fit.

Lecture on Holocaust in Poland canceled after far-right lawmaker storms podium by bbb23sucks in worldnews

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That's because communists get bullet to the back of their head. Fascism is allowed by the ruling clases, for it suits their interest and is at the end of the day easily controllable by them, all they have to do is to point the masses in the direction of 'the group of people that caused this'.

In contract, communism is brutally suppressed, because one of it's core tenets is 'capitalists caused this', which paints a bit fat target at the ruling classes back, that they can not redirect to blacks, transvestites or jews.

Zelenskiy says Ukraine ready to launch counteroffensive by Quantum_II in worldnews

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He's clearly waiting for the megathread to give it's approval

Belarus’ Lukashenko: ‘The only mistake we made’ was not finishing off Ukraine with Russia in 2014 by Pure_Candidate_3831 in worldnews

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Ukrainian here. Yes, we have been living like this since 2014. You can't imagine what it feels like. So, I can't stand all those morons, like Orban, Trump and others, who call for peace. What peace? They want all us dead.

Anti-Kremlin rebels are back marauding inside Russia and triggering fears Putin's forces can't defend the homeland by [deleted] in worldnews

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for those out of the loop:

edit: I completely forgot! the Kremlin added the name of the city that the RFL has been hammering nonstop with artillery to all of their social media filters, so any posts or comments with the city name get deleted instantly. on their TV, they do mention the city, but intentionally misspell and say it. there's even a clip of their even propaganda show where one presenter says the correct name, and one of the others "correct" them with the wrong name. russia is the largest country in the world and so a tiny town on the border of ukraine is a name 99% of russians likely have never heard of. so when they see this news and search telegram for the name of that city that they learned incorrectly, they won't find it. talk about shady AF. that's russia for you

edit 2: the name is "Shebekino" but on propaganda TV, they've been intentionally calling it "Shemyakino". I guess that is also a real city name, but nowhere near ukraine, so people find telegram channels for it with no info on the events

ok, now on to the original post:

these are mostly russian guys that defected to ukraine when the war started. they decided dying fighting putin is better than fighting their brothers (Ukrainians). they have Ukraine's support, but they're russian

they've gone into russia three times now. before they go, they always post a video on their public telegram channel addressing the russian civilians, telling them that they're going to kill putin, and that when they enter, they want civilians to leave, as they said they likely the russians will level buildings with civilians in it because they historically don't GAF, and said if they don't evacuate in time, to hide in bunkers until it's over. they made it very clear that they're russians and their fight is with Putin's regime, and not the citizens

the first time, they went for a day and returned the same day. I think that one was mostly to test the border defenses and to make a public statement. it got a lot of publicity. konoshenko, their defense guy said on their propaganda channel that they killed all invaders. in reality they all returned unscathed

the second time they stayed for two nights. they killed a border checkpoint guard and some army that was in the area, though most ran for their lives the second someone shot. they captured a little bit of equipment to bring back and they also got an FSB agent as a prisoner of war. russian propaganda said 80 men entered and they killed some, and the rest ran back to Ukraine and they used artillery to finish the rest off, and that the rest are all dead now too. the very next morning international media interviewed the guys that were allegedly dead lol. they said 2 died and 10 wounded, but the ~100+ were all fine otherwise, and said they know the freedom of their country will come at the cost of blood

the third time is still in progress now and they're still there. they went like a week ago. russians said shebekhina was shelled like 900+ times, but being russia, that number is probably exaggerated, though there are a lot of videos from russians saying the shelling has basically not stopped once for a week, so maybe it's true lol. but those cities and towns right on the border have a TON of military targets, as russian spent a couple years even before the invasion preparing those areas with military repair centers, storage, field hosptidcals, etc. so they've been destroying all of that crap. they already posted video a few times from inside russia, and footage from ukrainian drones too where they were destroying columns of tanks russia sent in response. a group of army and police/fsb arrived, and ukraine tracked them with drones and shelled the house they went into and thanks to the russian idiots grouping up, they knocked like 25+ out with artillery. fish in a barrel. they shelled and destroyed power stations to make the city lose power. people earlier in the week were in a panic to leave town and they had several kilometers of cars waiting in line at the gas station. while they still had power they were limiting people to 10 liters of gas, and they eventually ran out, and even if they could refill, the power was knocked out and the shelling never stopped so they can't get power back on. two civilians were in a car and the dumb russians thought they were RFL and shelled it, killing the civilians. they of course claim it was "ukrainians". which reminds me, their news and locals all say "ukrainian invaders", despite the RFL stating on video many times that they're russian lol. putin doesn't want the idea of potential coup to catch on I think. but despite that they said they got thousands of calls from people wanting to join, as well as donations. russia yesterday used a thermobaric tor system to hit a building in town. they were so proud of this that they recorded it and bragged about it on telegram. literally showing the world themselves destroying their own civilian buildings and likely the citizens in them. their stupidity is endless. they got close enough to start hammering belgorod proper. (the whole area is "belgorod oblast", so it's like a county, let's say, but they're finally entering belgorod itself. with almost no resistance, and with ukraine helping annihilate russian columns as they arrive, both with drone drop attacks and with longer range artillery, these guys have had almost no resistance for the most part.

russia knows they just claimed victory on bakhmut to the public. Wagner just left bakhmut. they know ukraine is ready to start their counter offensive. if they pull units/troops/tanks from bakhmut in order to counter the RFL invasion into belgorod, they know that Ukrainians will relentlessly smoke them from behind as they retreat and head back to belgorod region. that and they know bakhmut will fall pretty quickly if they pull more soldiers from the area. they also know that if they pull soldiers from the south, ukraine will start their counter offensive in the south with less resistance. but if they don't stop the RFL guys, it's fairly realistic that they'l eventually reach moscow at this rate. belgorod is 25 miles from ukraine border, but moscow isn't THAT far. it's like 250 miles or something. if they entered moscow, it would be quite an interesting situation. so...... this puts russia in a really difficult position where both options involve them getting their asses embarrassed and destroyed. ukraine is playing some serious 4D chess with this one

air superiority won't help much either because patriot has very long arms. these guys are just now reaching belgorod, and the first week patriot was live, it downed 4 aircraft in that city lol. russians basically getting banned from flying in their own territory is hilarious and must piss them off. especially knowing it's American system with a hilarious name of patriot. the one helicopter that went to counter them was shot down. not sure if that was manpads or patriot, but even air support is a struggle for russia right now to counter these guys. on the 2nd incursion, russia sent two fighter bombers, but in order to stay out of view of patriot, they had to do manual bomb drops from a very low altitude. if they go higher, they can use guided munitions for accurate strikes without needing to manually do it, but the second they poke their nose up too high, patriot can reach out and swat them out of the sky. so their undertrained pilots both dropped a couple bombs and they all missed and hit an empty field nearby. complete fail lol

so long story short, russia's border is Swiss cheese, and they have no military to counter them because their entire military is inside ukraine, and now they have to decide between defending bakhmut from falling right after they claimed to have captured it, ending the freedom guys heading towards putin, or being ready in the south for the counter offensive ukraine is about to unleash. russia is fucked

glory to ukraine! 🇺🇦🇺🇸

German far right surges in polls, alarming mainstream parties by Pyro-Bird in worldnews

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Hey I've seen this one before

*Does this mean I get gold if I'm top comment?

*Thanks stranger!!

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 464, Part 1 (Thread #605) by WorldNewsMods in worldnews

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Soliciting any and all feedback (good, bad, and everything in between) on the live thread. Literally only do this because of this community, so let me know what you want more of, less of, different, or the same!

Top Chinese scientist concedes that coronavirus may have leaked from Wuhan lab by Sweaty_Maybe1076 in worldnews

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What decline? West never trusted China in the first place. Everything China publish anything, western media will do their best to twist it.

Build trains? Bad/line government pocket. Some school tried to teach mandarin? Literally genocide. Arresting corrupt government official? Dude must be a freedom fighter.

China could literally figure out a cure for cancer and people accuse them of doing it too fast.

Edit: Why on earth people gold this?

China will ‘absolutely not’ rule out the use of force on Taiwan, defense minister says by Legal-Yellow-Mellow in worldnews

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Who would have guessed that a guy in uniform with a chest of medals might say that.

Seven of the nine thresholds that allow for human life on earth have already been crossed: A new report quantifies the climatic, natural and pollutant limits that ensure the safe and orderly maintenance of civilization by DoremusJessup in worldnews

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It SHOULD be the top comment, but Reddit almost never passes on an opportunity to form a circle jerk of nihilism and misery. Given how many people on this site seem to suffer from some form of depression or anxiety, a lot of users will just take any poorly written, poorly sourced, but highly sensationalist article about our “impending doom” at face value, but still get mad if you try to correct them.

I guess what I’m saying is that there’s a reason I usually try to avoid the comment sections of climate change stories on Reddit. It’s not usually a place for rational discussion, much less facts.

White House: We are against strikes on Russian territory, but it’s up to Ukraine to decide by 9lobaldude in worldnews

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I've managed to translate this into more understandable wording.

White House: We are against strikes on Russian territory, but as the war goes on we're going to be doing this.. -Windmills their arms- If you get hit, it's your own fault.

Anti-Putin militia claims to have overrun Russian border village by Babamm921 in worldnews

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Ukraine has disavowed connection to the Russian partisan fighters, saying that they act independently and are not subject to military control.

“Yes, today the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of Russia Legion, which consist of citizens of the Russian Federation, have launched an operation to liberate these territories of the Belgorod region from the so-called Putin regime and push back the enemy in order to create a certain security zone to protect the Ukrainian civilian population,” Andriy Yusov, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s military intelligence, told Ukrainian media.

This is gold. Reverse UNO card played.

OPEC and Russia agree to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day. by BearPawsOG in worldnews

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The articles buries the lede here, which is that this seems to not be a production cut but rather a quota cut. That's important because OPEC+ has lagged its production quota amounts by something like 3 million barrels a day, so total oil output is unlikely to be affected. It's meant to send a signal to the markets, but that signal can also be for countries like the US to step up its own production, which has been about 400-600K barrels per day higher than it was pre-invasion. Some of that will probably be down because of the hurricane, but the long term direction is a risk to OPEC+ because oil is stabilizing at these higher prices that make it profitable to frack.

Queen Elizabeth II has died, Buckingham Palace announces by pipsdontsqueak in worldnews

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Taking pleasure in another person's death is a violation of our rules.