Finally got all my polishes swatched 🙌🏻 by PiragiPlease in RedditLaqueristas

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woof. I used to have close to this many. I just gave away colors that don't flatter my skin tone and now I've just got one ring. 🫠

Danny & Sam painting by johnssick in dannyphantom

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this uses echoheartX's art of Danny and Sam

y'all need to stop tracing and copying her stuff

Couple more bundles out of the way: both sealed Karaoke Revolution games, only have 4 more Ddr bundles to be done with that set by ghkilla805 in OGXboxCollectors

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Have you played these? I know this is a long shot but I'm basically giving up. I bought Karaoke Revolution and 3 different XBOX mics and plugged them into my recently acquired, new in box DDR hardpad and the game refuses to recognize the microphones at all. I'm hoping it'll magically just work with KR Party...

What’s your favorite episode of Danny Phantom? by Commercial_Mind4003 in dannyphantom

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Reality Trip, Infinite Realms, Teacher of the Year, Girls Night Out

How do I shop for large items at Ikea alone? by SoulKingTrex in IKEA

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IKEA has pick up services that allow you to pull your car up to designated spots and they will bring it out to you and help you load it. Then you can just walk around the showroom, get food and get small stuff on your own if you like.

Are Danny and Dani able to date? by Entire_Anywhere_2882 in dannyphantom

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They're 'cousins' and she's his clone, that's a messed up ship

Items blocked but they aren’t????? by twhiting9275 in TwoPointCampus

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I've been having some glitchy experiences like this.

What do you guys think people should listen to on their first trip? by Impossible_Lock4897 in LSD

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  • Animal Collective
  • Teebs - Ardour
  • Tipper
  • Four Tet
  • Susumu Yokota - Symbol
  • GAS - Pop

Who's the best girl for Danny? by randomfan1997 in dannyphantom

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Sam and Valerie were both great matches for Danny in different ways throughout the story. I could see it going either way if the show continued for longer and didn't have to close off the love triangle in the finale!

Does Danny ever transform with his ring vertically in the series, like this GIF shown here? by help_me_cant_post in dannyphantom

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Yup, this is a redraw of a scene from Livin Large. This is probably my favorite transformation from the show. And one of the coolest and most unexpected shots. I think the animation team just decided to have some fun with that scene

About the pageant contest by shotahunter1851 in dannyphantom

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I don't think they would want their daughter getting married at her age they're very protective

I saw others posting their LGBTQ+ headcanons, so I just thought that I'd add mine in by tisktiskeldritch in dannyphantom

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I know about comp het I just think y'all are really pushing it head canoning stuff that has directly contradicting evidence from the show

but whatever it's not worth arguing about