Diablo IV - Review Thread by SpaceGangrel in Games

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I've heard it's decent now, but back in 2020 it was a massive disappointment, when it was supposed to be the biggest game of the year. Also, RE3 was a cash-in compared to RE2, and Miles Morales was similarly lacking content, considering its launch price.

That said, there are some great games on that list

How long have you been a fan? by sandcrawler2 in AnimalCollective

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Absolutely, and they were a huge influence on AC. Many collaborations over the years, and Panda once said "I feel like as a band, I can't speak for the other guys, but certainly for myself, I modeled the way I approach everything with the band watching the way Black Dice did it". Definitely listen to Beaches and Canyons. Tiny Mix Tapes(RIP) called it the 9th best album of the 2000s

🐼… how did I not know!!! by moonrisegrl in AnimalCollective

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Alsatian Darn is one of his all time best tracks

Daily Song Discussion #96: "Brother Sport" by M77100 in AnimalCollective

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This is the one that really got me into AC. Listened to MPP because I had a couple friends who were into it, and it was the recommended entry-point into the band according to people online. I thought it was interesting on 1st listen, but I didn't really connect with much of what I was hearing. But then the chant in the 2nd half of Brother Sport caught my ear, and I figured I'd look up the lyrics to that part, if there were any. I thought the meaning behind the song was beautiful, and it cemented the idea that there was real depth beneath all the sounds I was trying to wrap my head around. Years later, after having explored the whole AC discog, this is still my favorite. It's one of the most life-affirming songs I know of

Worried About Nothing by Wildeface in HBOMAX

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You now have to exit whatever you're watching and go into settings to do this. And there's no longer example text to show you how it'll look. One of a few things I've already noticed that's a downgrade from HBO Max

Restaurants that don't give their employees free meals by helix527 in redscarepod

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Subway is the absolute worst. Don't eat there, don't work there. Worked at one briefly, and shortly after starting I realized that the soda machine was completely infested with gnats. Despite that, the manager was still trying to force everyone to pay for bottled drinks, which was our only other option

Restaurants that don't give their employees free meals by helix527 in redscarepod

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Will never forget the guy who would consistently order lunch when I was working delivery, and never once tipped me. Dude would make direct eye contact with me, after I brought food for him and his partner, and tell me to have a good one multiple times a week. I only worked that job for 2 months, but I'll always hate him

is straight male sexuality looked down in letterboxd lol? by zack220011 in redscarepod

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Her "reviews" are worthless. Not only are they almost all 1 sentence, some of them don't even try to be funny. Check the most popular reviews for The Dark Knight. Letterboxd was tight 10 years ago, idk why these idiots want it to be exactly like film Twitter

looking for people who wanna write about anco by kidsonh0liday in AnimalCollective

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I'm fairly familiar with the history of the band and its members, and I've read a ton of related interviews and articles over the years, so I've got a decent pool of knowledge to pull from. I also have writing experience from school, nothing professional, but I know how to edit my own work. If you have any ideas on stuff you might want covered, shoot me some prompts or topics. I'd be happy to help

Evolution of the Hipster 2000-2009 by whoopjuice in redscarepod

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Panda Bear from AC, wearing a moon wolf shirt, in the year 2009

For anyone who was an adult during this time, why wolf shirts? Had one as a kid, but I was wearing it unironicaly

Why do so many people dislike Danse Manatee? by n0life69 in AnimalCollective

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I dig Spirit, Hollinndagain, and HCTI, but still only like a few tracks from Danse. Re-listening to Essplode at the moment, and I still think the high frequency that simulates tinnitus does nothing but detract from the song. The inclusion of that noise in particular just doesn't seem as purposeful or creative as the use of similar frequencies on Spirit. It's just a continuous drone thrown on top of the mix.

All that said, I still like a lot of moments on the album, especially Throwin' The Round Ball. Always felt like this old fan vid fit the song, and really that whole era of AC, perfectly. I wish I liked Danse as a whole more, but out of every AC release, it's the one that feels the most like experimentation just for the sake of it

Who else is disappointed there are no Panda demos on Daft Punk RAM 10th Anniversary? by NemyLums in AnimalCollective

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Yeah, that's the first thing I looked for when the album released. Hopefully Noah will get his own "Memory Tapes" video, similar to the one with Julian Casablancas. We'd get a new interview, at the very least, and maybe some unreleased snippets

What should I listen to? by ruby_sea in AnimalCollective

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Just based on my own experiences:

You'll love Merriweather even more after tripping to it. We all know what a life-affirming song Brother Sport is, but on shrooms you'll feel it on another level, it's beautiful

I had a great trip to Strawberry Jam that made me think more deeply about the passage of time, among other things. You'll realize just how direct and hard hitting the production is on that album compared to their others if you immerse yourself in it. Also, I'd recommend tacking on "Safer", it'll take you somewhere

Leaf House & WCWAR were transportive. Legit felt like I had fallen into another world

Graze & WWIWS. Really appreciated the full scope of the songs, loved all the layering and moving parts. Also one of the most powerful pairings in their discog for me. Pulled me out of a bad trip once

Obviously, Person Pitch. Guaranteed to lift your spirits

Some others that I have fond memories of, not necessarily while tripping but in similar states of mind:

Street Flash & Cobwebs

Pretty much all of Sleep Cycle

Inner Monologue is good if you want to go d e e p

Royal and Desire

Turn Into Something

Walkabout (Atlas Sound song featuring Noah) <--- I highly recommend this, even if you're already heard it. Tripping is a great way to see nostalgia in a new light

Sorry this comment is so long, but I kind of couldn't help myself, lol. Lastly, if I had to recommend a non-AC album, I'd go with Vision Creation Newsun, by Boredoms. Just an amazing, super unique experience, that's hardly comparable to any other album. Hope you have a great trip!

p.s. the things you love normally will probably serve you well during a trip too, keep that in mind if you're not in the mood for intense experimental stuff

Ever fall out of love with a band because of the fan base? by T1S9A2R6 in LetsTalkMusic

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Idk it how it compares to their older stuff, but as someone who's barely listened to any Gizz, I though IDPLML was a great psych record

Bands that incidentally wound up with two musical geniuses working together? by podslapper in LetsTalkMusic

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Aside from all the great albums and tracks in AC's discog, 3 of the 4 members have acclaimed solo work. I don't like throwing around "genius" either, but AC is definitely a case of really creative and talented musicians happening to meet at a young age

We're just gonna forever pretend as if mediocre hip hop albums are legendary, huh by United_Can6401 in redscarepod

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When you try so hard to be contrarian that you turn into an 85 year old white man

Are online right-wing guys really happy by heartsaglow in redscarepod

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You can be married for years and have kids and still be closeted

this is a niche meme but i had no other way to voice these thoughts by Tricky_Ad2002 in AnimalCollective

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You're not the only one who thinks the effects are a bit much on that one. I only listen to the 2017 recording these days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIFEq7Dp9OE&t=3494s

May the 4th Be with You by A-DonImus in redscarepod

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It's all worth it for Tartakovsky's animated movie