Rear light playing up by Muthanna2004 in MotoUK

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Just scrub up the metallic ends until they look nice and shiny.

Rear light playing up by Muthanna2004 in MotoUK

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Check the brake light switch for corrosion damage as well. Might need a clean up with a wire sponge.

Elden Ring was supposed to have 2 DLCs but From soft ended up merging them into one big expansion by Adventurous_Line407 in PS5

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Yeah. Because then it would be Bloodborne DLC 2. Bloodborne is never having a 2 of anything.

Realistically would Tyson Fury likely beat any heavyweight from history? by Anonymous_Asker0813 in Boxing

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If Boxing was purely down to science and training, AJ would never have lost against Ruiz.

There's a reason Boxers used to have the brains of 60 year olds at the age of 30. It's taken Tyson Fury 15 years to get to 34 fights. It took Mike Tyson 3 years....

Just Stop Oil protesters charged over disruption of Twickenham rugby final by fsv in unitedkingdom

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Just going to stand of the deck of the Titanic playing my violin and waiting for the inevitable.

Even Farage says Brexit has failed. Why won’t Starmer? by SgtPppersLonelyFarts in ukpolitics

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The left wing would happily shoot labour and let the Torys get back in again just to prove a point.

U.K. Royal Navy ‘Distressed and Concerned’ by Illegal Chinese Salvage of WWII Wrecks by poclee in unitedkingdom

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Those headstones in that graveyard are just scrap stone I'm going to recycle them to build myself a wall.

They aren't ships. They are gravesites.

Excited to try out the most recommended game on my last post. by MTRichardson01 in gaming

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If you were able to launch the rocket, you could then enter one of the side doors and get launched into space with a rocket pack and collect items as you parachuted back down.

Eating less cheap chicken is the key to animal welfare, think tank says by lnfinity in unitedkingdom

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But that takes time and effort and people are worked to the tits anyway.

And I say that as someone who's been plant based since January. Yeah I can make enjoyable food that tastes awesome, like when I made Tofu bacon for a party on the weekend.

But it's time intensive, you can literally put some chicken in the oven, put a few spices on it, and your done. East peasy takes 5 minutes. People don't have the time or energy for it.

There a a lad at my mates work who has put over 220K KM (135k miles) onto his 98 super blackbird. What an absolute workhorse by N0elington in MotoUK

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I'm just shy of 6ft and I had plenty of room. Although handlebar conversions are pretty popular. Drove from Swansea to Canterbury in one sitting minus a refuel and I walked at the other end no problem.

There a a lad at my mates work who has put over 220K KM (135k miles) onto his 98 super blackbird. What an absolute workhorse by N0elington in MotoUK

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Amazing bikes. I loved mine until it was nicked.

It's as soft as butter if you want it to be, but it can also throw you into a tree if you're an idiot and it weighs nearly a quarter of a ton.

It's powerful like a large car rather than a bike. And it keeps your legs warm.

The Mexican-American War ended 175 years ago: How did Mexico lose half its territory? by madrid987 in history

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Y'all need a break. Come back in an hour.

Remember. Always watching Mike Wazowski. Always watching....

When is “your money is my money” disrespectful vs standard relationship behaviour ? (28M) (34F) by Usual_Ear_5599 in relationship_advice

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Even when your married it's not your money is our money.

Me and the wife put aside X amount each month for bills and mortgage and savings, everything else is our own money to do with as we wish. Which is how it should be. If the wife wants to buy shoes or crack cocaine, it comes out of her money. If I want to buy shoes or crack cocaine, it comes out of mine. It's the best way to do things.

The Roman pilum versus armor and shields by ByzantineBasileus in history

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In a classical Phalanx, they probably did.

In a Macedonian style that the Romans fought, just the Sarissa and a dagger.

The Roman pilum versus armor and shields by ByzantineBasileus in history

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The Romans never stopped using throwing weapons either. They stopped using the pilum itself, but carried on using either a Germanic version called the Angon or shorter types of darts of which they could carry more of them.

Headcanon question: Would Aloy wear facepaints? by HermitBadger in horizon

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Face paints are probably good for stopping her from getting sunburnt as well. She is hanging around Las Vegas.

The Roman pilum versus armor and shields by ByzantineBasileus in history

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I think this is the biggest thing people forget about the Roman legions, especially when it comes to them defeating phalanxes during the period from The end of the Second Punic War to the defeat of Antiochus the Great.

It wasn't just, gladius Vs sarissa, there was a whole set of combined arms that your standard soldier had that his opponent simply didn't have.

Facing down cavalry? Don't throw the pila, use it as a spear. Charging barbarian horde, throw the pila to break the charge. Tight phalanx, throw the pila to disrupt it and use the shield like a battering ram to force the enemy's pike into the ground.

TIL Byzantine emperor Basil II "the Bulgar Slayer" after the battle of Kleidion divided 15,000 war prisoners into groups of 100 men, blinded 99 men in each group and left one man in each with one eye so that he could lead the others home. by AtypicalAnomaly1222 in todayilearned

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That sounds like Commodus. Although I don't remember any stories about him killing lions.

He did used to hunt Ostriches in the coliseum and forces the senators to watch. Them failing to watch would result in a short end to their life.