What are we gonna do during the site wide blackouts by elch3w in BikiniBottomTwitter

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How will I play game without going to r/gaming, and how will I watch videos without going to r/videos

We shell stretch by elch3w in memes

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The floor is lava (aka salt)

Flat earthers can't explain this by Karvis_art in memes

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I can't explain to Americans that this is football

R/MEMES MEME QUIZ #3 by elch3w in memes

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The r/memes Meme Quiz #3 comes to a close! Unfortunately Reddit has decided to end predictions permanently, so this is the last ever r/memes prediction tournament. It's been a fun ride!

And now for the all important announcement - the winners (please comment below if you're tagged in order to receive your prize)!

1st - u/Kick_It_Kev

2nd - u/Andi_Jones

3rd - u/Halfevil_2002

4th - u/turiddu89


6th - u/Tikkari_

7th - u/Mertensson_6

8th - u/Roman_1618

9th - u/Stefan0_

10th- u/MrOrcaDood

Thanks everyone for playing!

Thank goodness by elch3w in memes

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I think the real question is, what does floating headphones have to do with it?

An endless cycle by johnlen1n in dankmemes

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God also doing the same with viruses