Which frozen pizza is the best? (Whether local or not...) by tanders123 in StLouis

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I'm just here to say frozen pizza has come a LONG WAY since the 80's.

Sh*tshow unfolding! Supra mileage disparity - bidder at $130k NOT happy by St3fanz in BringATrailer

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I just finished an auction with one bidder getting called out for bidding on 26 CARS in two years without winning a single one. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1983-ferrari-mondial-quattrovalvole-coupe-2/

Andy Staples is leaving The Athletic by realbbbb in CFB

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It reminds me of Jalopnik. That WAS a great car enthusiast site. Then it got sold for a ton of money and went to shit. The cancer that is social media strikes again.

Newly built house (right) has it's fence built just far enough out to block access to mine (left) by Jerky-legs in mildlyinfuriating

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I was a surveyer. It was crazy how much side work we picked up when one neighbor did not believe the property lines after a fence was installed. We sometimes did the next-door guy immediately after our original job.

That said, good fence guys should locate and confirm the stakes before sinking the first posts.

[Stowabike] Hi-performance & excellent quality by Clawz114 in HighTechBikeTech

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Apparently, "Round Wheels & Won't Fall Off" was taken.

It's play time! by B_Wing_83 in 80s

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That's pretty sweet. I had a battlefield in our backyard until dad mowed it.

Who are some of the most overrated, unfunny comics in your opinion by Jazzlike_Success_968 in Standup

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He ripped off a GENIUS named Bill Hicks while he was dying of cancer. Look up his stuff. You'll see.

4 Year Hair Growth (As A Guy) - To Chop Or Not? by craftsmancollab in longhair

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I'd sweep it back rather than part it down the middle.

Buy a Singapore condo right now by bears2broke in wallstreetbets

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Dude is the first real estate agent I've met with neck tattoos.