Thrilling of Claire - one of the best National songs few have ever heard by SugarMouseOnReddit in TheNational

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Few have ever heard? It was officially released, pretty sure more than a few people have heard it. Great song though!

Casio - B Side? by paulgibbins in TheNational

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I don't believe such a song exists, I have spent 100s if not 1000s of hours combing the internet for unreleased material over the years and have never seen or heard of "Casio" before.

Setlist Question by TempletonCat in TheNational

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fuck your wallet, go another night, you'll be happy you did...

What’s your favourite National song and why? (You can only pick one) by xKat14 in TheNational

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Gospel, it just feels like home to me and invokes deep feelings of happiness and nostalgia...

For those who don't like FTPOF by karenputmeinachair in TheNational

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Bring back Padma Newsome, more Bryan actually drumming, more of Bryce's ideas, better lyrics from Matt, bring back Peter Katis, yell a little bit, be more experimental, and fucking rock out some...

Mistaken For Strangers is basically a Chameleons song. by KindFlows in TheNational

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The Chameleons are sick af, one of the best post-punk bands...

A lot of sorrow flac download by njschuerm in TheNational

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I don't have the video, if you want the audio you can message me.