Seeing LCD alone. by hiiiiiiianxiety in LCDSoundsystem

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Yes. I started with about 7-8 people in front of me, but by the end of the show there were 2 people in front of me.
If you go to the right side of the stage, you will be in front of the lead singer and the drums. Take a look at some of the pictures that were posted and you’ll see how the stage is setup.

Seeing LCD alone. by hiiiiiiianxiety in LCDSoundsystem

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I went to the show by myself on the 26. I got in at a bit before 8pm as I wanted to be close to the stage. Honestly, I had a good time. There’s some good music playing while you at waiting and nobody cares that you are alone.

Things to know :

  • they ask for ID before going in the venue to check your age as you need to be 18 to see the show, but 21 to drink
  • there’s a security check
  • the coat check is 4$. I think it’s worth it if you don’t want to drag your coat around. It gets hit in there. But there is quit le a lineup when leaving the venue
  • when the show starts, it gets a bit tighter in the crowd as people are dancing and moving around.
  • the neighbourhood is not super nice, but I never felt unsafe. I took the L train back to Manhattan and it was a 15-20 minutes walk
  • I didn’t expect people selling nitrous oxyde on the street after the show. But not my thing
  • there’s a merch booth. I went after the show as I didn’t want to hold the t-shirt during the show. A t-shirt is 30$

Just go and have fun. You can do what you want, no one knows you and nobody cares.

I never thought I would see them live, but it happened! by kakarikovillager in LCDSoundsystem

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It was the first song: us v them. There’s something magical when the first bass lines go through your body, don’t you think?

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I go there also! It’s bigger than a few other stores that I saw. The console games section is like 1/10 of the store and the rest is all toys, collectibles, clothes etc. I didn’t see any PC parts yet, just peripherals.

The staff is quite friendly and live to pick their brains on what to play next.

CS Account Registration Help by Baperok in GMECanada

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In the top right corner or https://www-us.computershare.com/Investor/#Home, there is a menu. Make sure to select United States. Any other country, including the default of Canada, will not work.

Hell yeah, Game Informer! I'd been waiting for access to this after I signed up for Edge. Did anyone else get this today? by 300117 in GMECanada

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Got it also. I had a ticket with GS opened for months asking for access. I did a follow up in the morning and 1 hour later got this email. Probably just a cohencidence but I like to believe I had a part in it

GiveAShare Questions by lostmindofeli in GMECanada

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Hi. Lackluster is correct. To answer your questions : 1- you can use the info from your giveashare stock to create your CS account 2- as other mentioned, you need to pull out your shares of your TFSA before registering them. You can contribute next year the amount you pull out this year. Ex: you pull out for 2000$ worth of GME, you can add 2000$ in 2023 to your max contribution

Giveashare- save money? by Time_Masterpiece_779 in GMECanada

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Interesting idea. Just be sure that the registrar is CS and not another one. Example : I bought a share of Nintendo as a Xmas gift with Give A Share and the registrar was AST

Does GameStop make more money when we pre-order a game of if we buy it as Played? by kakarikovillager in GMECanada

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Makes sense, thanks. If only there was a company that could pull together an NFT market place for used game to pay developers on each sale. Might be a good business…

Desjardins/Disnat increasing DRS request fees starting January 2022. Good work apes ! by Brilliant_Gazelle741 in GMECanada

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I did it twice with them: one time from my cash account, no hiccups. Currently in my second time: TSFA -> Cash -> DRS. I'm hoping that a second account with CS is not created. I specifically asked Disnat to make sure that they send the exact same info to CS as the first time. The CS representative told me that if the info matches, the shares go into the existing account. Guess I'll know in a couple of weeks.

Edit: second batch just came in. Took 5 days and they are in my old account. Really surprised and pleased how fast and smooth it went.

Failed attempt at DRSing with Disnat by OfficerBarbrady69 in GMECanada

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Pour certificat, c'est le terme qu'ils utilisent. C'est 50$ pour la transaction - tu pourrais envoyer 1000 actions et ce serait 50$ quand même.

Mes actions étaient dans un compte "cash" c-à-d pas mon CELI, donc je ne peux pas t'aider avec ceci.

Mon objectif premier était d'ouvrir mon compte avec CS afin de pouvoir acheter directement d'eux. J'essaye ceci dès que j'ai ma deuxième lettre de CS, celle qui valide mon identité.

Avertissement : lorsque tu auras ta première lettre de CS et que tu créeras ton compte, soit sûr de changer le site pour USA à partir de leur menu. Ne te fis pas à l'URL. Si tu ne trouves pas GME dans la liste de compagnie, tu dois changer de site par le menu.

Failed attempt at DRSing with Disnat by OfficerBarbrady69 in GMECanada

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I was able to - the call took 10 minutes - 5 minutes on hold. I told the Disnat person "je voudrais avoir une immatriculation de certificat" (English - I would like to direct register) and she knew what I was talking about. After confirming my personal info, I got transferred to another person to complete the process.

After a 2 weeks, the shares were gone from my account.

I was charged by Disnat 50 USD for this. Not sure why it was in USD, but I didn't feel like arguing about it. The fee was taken from my Disnat account.

After a couple of more weeks, I received my letter from ComputerShare. Now waiting for my second CS letter to access my account.

FYI - I first inquired by email before calling. Here is a copy / paste of the email I received.

"Les frais d’immatriculation de certificat (DRS) sont 50$ par certificat. Le délai d’immatriculation de certificat (DRS) est au minimum 9 jours ouvrables pour un titre canadien et au minimum 29 jours ouvrables pour un titre américain.

Dès que le DRS est émis, vous ne pouvez plus le transiger jusqu’à qu’il soit déposé chez un courtier. Computershares peut accepter votre certificat et le détenir pour vous, mais Computershares ne fait aucun vente ou achat.

Si vous désirez par la suite de vendre vos actions, il faut redéposer votre certificat chez un courtier. DISNAT charge 10$ par certificat pour le dépôt. Le dépôt d’un certificat peut avoir un délai pouvant atteindre 45 jours ouvrables dépendamment du titre."

My humble suggestion - call again and try with another agent and you'll be able to complete the process.

BTW, there is something fun about receiving that CS letter - it's well worth the effort.

** edit: just noticed in the email I received from Disnat that they got some wrong info - it is possible to buy and sell through CS (we learned that in the last few weeks thanks to other pioneers).