My grandma died two days ago. She raised me. My world feels so empty without her. by unbirthdaycat in GriefSupport

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I’m so sorry for your loss op ❤️

My grandma is my person, and she recently became essentially brain dead and her children (my mom, two aunts and uncle) are fighting over keeping her on life support or not.

For all intents and purposes I’ve lost her, and if you don’t have the maternal bond with your grandmother you can’t understand what it’s like.

I see you, my heart goes out to you, and I’m here to talk or vent or whatever if you need it ❤️

Lost my grandma, who was like my mom. by yllaoop in GriefSupport

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I came here to post something similar, as my grandmother is my mother figure as well and after going into cardiac arrest and being clinically dead for 7 minutes before being resuscitated she’s been hooked up to life support with little/no brain activity for weeks.

For all intents and purposes I’ve lost her even though her body is with us, and it is the most painful experience of my life.

I’m so so sorry you lost your grandmother, and even though I can’t know exactly how you feel I think I have a pretty good idea.

If you want to chat, or vent, or share stories about our amazing grandmas feel free to message me❤️

The day we brought home our tiny terror 🥰 by medicait in IllegallySmolCats

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Hehe these were from two months ago when we first brought her home but here is a current picture of her next to a seltzer can for comparison!


She’s doubled in size since we brought her home but she is still a criminal!!! 😂🥰

What color rug? by myrinavi in femalelivingspace

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Yes!!! A BIG, rich, orange, peach or pink rug would look gorgeous. HIGHLY recommend ruggable.

I have a 9x12 red oriental rug that is just insanely beautiful and I have cats too so the ability to roll it up and wash it is a life saver. Super easy to clean and ties the whole room together. They can be cost prohibitive but if there’s anything I’ve learned in my old age is that cheap rugs look cheap or they fall apart. Ruggable has been a life saver for us and they offer 15% off if someone refers you to help reduce that cost!! This is my 15% referral link if you’re looking for a coupon -> http://rwrd.io/2yb7nag

Aside from where you get it, here are a couple things I would keep in mind:

  1. A good rug is an investment so choose a color/pattern you’re going to want to look at and decorate around for a long time!

  2. Light colors open up a space and dark colors ground a space. Your place looks bright and airy and I love the windows and all that natural light so you can definitely do a darker rug without worrying about visually shrinking your space

  3. Your rug color should tie everything in your living room together. My floors are golden oak stained, and I have a fireplace with red brick. While my walls and couch are creamy whites and furniture is a rich espresso brown wood with reddish undertones so the red rug brings everything together beautifully.

  4. All colors have a “warm” and “cool” version. Decide your color, then try looking at some things in your house in that color family and see how they look with the things in your space. Pink can be cool with blueish undertones like a “baby pink” or it can be warm with peachy/orange undertones like salmon. It complicates things but trust me, it makes a big difference.

  5. Do you want your rug to be a focal point or more of a background player? Bolder colors and patterns that drastically deviate from the floor beneath it draw your eye while muted colors that have the same undertone (warm or cool) as the floor it’s on and are similarly dark or light (the “value” of the color) will tie everything together and provide more of a backdrop.

Sorry this was so long winded but I hope it helps!! I’m a coocoo about home design and decor so this excites me ☺️ Good luck! Update us with a pic if you get something!!

How much is that kitty in the window? 🎶 by medicait in bengalcats

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Lol!! If we include hidden costs then they’re more like a down payment on a house or like a trip to Fiji 😂

Behavioral & Nail Trimming by helpiamlostagain in bengalcats

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Hello! Momma of three bengals currently and have had them in the past. All of them get/got their nails trimmed regularly (2 weeks) and occasional baths (seasonally, usually).

What works for me is echoing a bit on what another user mentioned. Win the battle of wills, especially when they’re young if you can. Scruffing works wonders on fiesty scratchy kittens and having a second pair of hands to hold while you clip/wash also helps. We let them know with strong but safe and gentle handling that they have to suck it up, and they get LOTS of treats and special playtime after their “torture” is over 😂

As for trying to teach “no” good luck hahaha. We use a spray bottle full of water (and sometimes squirt guns hehe) and spritz them along with a loud “no!” When they’re doing something naughty like digging in the trash. Most behavioral stuff with these guys I’ve learned is about removing access to stuff they can’t be trusted around (think baby proofing but for cats), redirection and distraction with their toys and consistency in spritzing when they do get into something they shouldn’t. It also helps DRAMATICALLY raising a bengal kitten with a playmate, either getting another kitten or having another playful friend for your baby in the house. It’s way more fun to tackle your brother than to chew on charging cords!

It hasn’t always been easy but it’s well worth it. Our babies are really well behaved overall and have lots of access to toys and scratching posts all over the house so they tend to gravitate towards those things and avoid say, making a tasty salad out of my plants for example. People always remark how well behaved they are and how nice and intact all of our furniture and rugs are lol!

Good luck with your new snuggle fluff, and just know they get so much easier to handle when they’re adults!!

How much is that kitty in the window? 🎶 by medicait in bengalcats

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More like $2k but who’s counting 😂😅

My Matcha and I went tree climbing by Bright-Setting-5470 in bengalcats

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Awww happy half birthday Matcha! ☺️

And I know what you mean. My oldest turned 4 in January and it feels like he was a teeny trouble making stinker just yesterday!🥲

Meet Squid by Piperg233 in IllegallySmolCats

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Tiny floofy CRIMINAL! 😍🥰

My Matcha and I went tree climbing by Bright-Setting-5470 in bengalcats

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Matcha is fully in their element!! Gorgeous baby!😍

Gangs all here 🥰 by medicait in bengalcats

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Awww look at those cuties 🥰 you should absolutely add a brown one to your repertoire 😁

Gangs all here 🥰 by medicait in bengalcats

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Aww I’m so sorry for your loss😔 Bengals truly are the best! I hope you can get another one to add to your fur family ❤️

Gangs all here 🥰 by medicait in bengalcats

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Hahaha well she definitely acts like she is sometimes, she’s a total spaz🤣

Gangs all here 🥰 by medicait in bengalcats

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Their first track drops June 10th 😛