Hogwarts Legacy Shocked PS4 Gamers, It Runs Surprisingly Well! by kohhua in HarryPotterGame

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I want the loading screen to take less than 50 seconds? Was I not clear? It's fine if you guys think this is acceptable. I'm past caring because I've played HL since before the game released on PS5. I was just saying that I don't think that a 50 second loading screen to do one of the most basic things in the game should exist on a $60 game. Compared to games like RDR2, which has far less issues when running on the PS4.

Anyone else feel this game is missing out not having merch? by Virtuous-Vice in HarryPotterGame

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This is true. I work as a "tech journalist" for a magazine company in my country, which let me play the game early and the press company sent over a gorgeous gift box filled with Legacy merch. A set of pins made up of the Hogwarts House crests, scarf, socks and a high-quality Hogwarts keyring. A seperate gift was a snow globe with Hogwarts inside.

I do find it strange that these, especially the clothing items especially aren't being sold. It would sell well, even if only from their website.

Why did Voldemort never make Gryffindor sword a Horcrux ? by Individual_Carrot_59 in HarryPotterBooks

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There's a cool theory that Voldemort did have the sword in his possession on the night he attacked the Potters, in the hopes of making his final horcrux with Harry's death.

The theory part of it is that Voldemort orchestrated some sort of fight amongst Gryffindor Order of the Phoenix members, in the hopes of having the sword 'come to them' in a time of need. Possibly the Prewitts? I'm not too caught up on the theory, but it's one I like.

My friend says left portal is purple, I say it's dark blue. Settle the debate. by AlbacorePrism in gaming

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I'm colourblind (more red-green) but do still struggle with telling the amber and red colours on a traffic light apart. Green is quite different to me. But yes, as you say, you only need to know when to stop. If it's green, I know I can drive right past a light. If I'm close and it changes to amber, I can tell whether it's safe to speed up through the intersection or not.

Need help with a rule disagreement by MyCatPoster in Catan

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I think if it's still that players turn (as in the next player hasn't gone yet) then it should be all good

What would you like to see in Horizon 3? by Zhukov-74 in PS5

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I don't think it will matter, they'll probably release it around BOTW 2 or the next Souls game