There's no achievement or any in-game reward for it, and yet I still need to do it. Vega cannot win. by JoyceMen in masseffect

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If you tie with him, you'll get a wholesome "We'll share the record 🤝" bit

I actually don't know if this is true, because it's my record now D:<!<

Thoughts on Spiderman to be released on pc by FamiliarAdffinity in PiratedGames

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This is a bot, all their posts are exact copies of other posts in each sub

Original post

Still one of his best lines by @goro_orb by FamiliarAdffinity in Persona5

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Ah you caught it too. I checked their other posts on other subs, exact copies, so I banned them (nvm you got it first) lol

i just finished my first play through of persona 5 royal and honestly i cried by Tallcat2107 in Persona5

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No one mentioned P5 Strikers, so if you ever want to see the Phantom Thieves story continue, this is a great option

New Silent Planet Song Possibly This Summer by P1_SELECT in Metalcore

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When the first track-by-track released, they said we should get it after they all release. If that's still the case, they've been releasing a little over a week from each other, so we still got a wait ahead but I'm sure it'll be worth it

Who made this drawing? I'm trying to find the full picture. by minecraftgamer690 in Persona5

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This is what I found on tumblr:


Edit: Googled "Persona 5 Anthology Carte Chapter 6" and it showed, in the images tab, some of the manga pages for this chapter

Just watched a video with Noah Sebastian saying how every once in a while he checks out the metalcore Reddit thread and there’s always arguing about what’s considered metalcore 😅 by Emotional-Brief-2872 in Metalcore

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They don't get posted enough, but I'm pretty sure everything off TDOPOM, besides Artificial Suicide, isn't allowed to be posted now so no need to worry there

Question about Akechi by GEmiliao23 in Persona5

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I hope OP didn't read this

Holding Absence album "The Noble Art of Self Destruction" out August 25th by thePARIIAH in PostHardcore

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Tracklist: 1. Head Prison Blues 2. A Crooked Melody 3. False Dawn 4. Scissors 5. Honey Moon 6. Death, Nonetheless 7. Her Wings 8. These New Dreams 9. Liminal 10. The Angel In The Marble

How does James know what a harvest or is on palavens moon? Since he didn’t know what the brutes were. by Hope77797 in masseffect

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Others mentioned Paragon Lost, but gonna answer your Harvester on Earth bit. Yes, there was some on Earth. You see one fly by when you walk around the downed gunship with Anderson

Weekly Release Thread May 19th by sink_or_swim1 in Metalcore

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This thread mentions bands from other genres since it was started, even pop punk is there, why not mention them too?