[Houston Chronicle] Former Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins interested in coming back to Houston by AwesomeTed in nfl

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Also: Sun God is easily the best and strongest nickname in the NFL right now; maybe the strongest since Muscle Hamster.

10 Years of Making Car Videos | 20 Lessons by Educational_Fig_8459 in cars

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So the trick of it is this: a bad consultant is nothing more than a scam artist; you pay them and they tell you to change this or change that without a positive outcome.

But even a great consultant can only produce results via metrics aka "the numbers" that Mark is talking about. They can say: okay your views are up, your efficiency, profits, lower operating costs, reviews, engagement, whatever.

In a restaurant, for instance, these are all super important. But if we just chase profit and sacrifice, for instance, quality to do it, that's bad.

I feel like it's easier to do as a youtuber...get lost chasing clicks and not put out good product.

I've always admired Mark for saying he'd prefer getting press cars late so he can review them properly (he always used to be the last one, lol)

MeIRL by Miss_AnkiiTae in meirl

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My wife and I biked the Golden Gate Bridge because it's something people do, apparently.

It's excruciating. I'm from Kansas, where it's flat AF, for context. I almost died on the way up (not really).

We were catching our breath and another couple caught up with us and the guy was like "bike the golden gate bridge they said it'll be wonderful they said" and I would have laughed if I could breathe

2024 Toyota Tacoma | Big Changes, Technical Details by theDomicron in cars

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I believe in one of their live streams Mark says that no one else asks.

Tyre-makers under pressure as too much rubber hits the road by PutridAppointment69 in cars

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Couldn't they just require a tire change even if the rubber is fine? Just say that each driver needs to put x number of times or something?

My local grocery store is fighting with the soft drink distributor. by RamenNJesus in mildlyinfuriating

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Coke delivered a free refrigerator to sell product at our restaurant. They asked that we only use it for coke products and they'd appreciate it if we ordered through their distribution center.

We normally buy our bottles from Sam's, because they're right across the street from us and it's just over a dollar per bottle. I don't mind showing a little appreciation so I figured paying a few bucks more for the free cooler wouldn't matter, plus they show up to fill the cooler.

It was double the cost...no fucking thanks

Such a bad habit by ListerineAfterOral in gaming

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Fucking Tediore guns trolling the fuck out of my smg ammo

2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements by theDomicron in cars

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Mark has said multiple times in the past that he prefers to review the cars morst people actually buy.

Since Jack has taken the lead in terms of scheduling, the cars have been getting more expensive, but even still they have pretty high standards for most of them and always mention the price as a negative.

When they're reviewing cars like generic sedans and stuff they often mention the right trim levels to get the best value, etc...

2023 GMC Canyon | First Impressions and Improvements by theDomicron in cars

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Personally I love savagegeese but I've always felt like their truck reviews were never as strong as their others. Maybe it's because Mark has said before he's just not a truck guy, I don't know.

I think his best reviews are those of average consumer vehicles; ones that buyers should be required to watch before buying.

That doesn't include the project vids like the LFA and the Miata series, those are phenomenal

Worth a $40k markup? Have contacted a bunch of dealers and brokers and can’t find any better by jcastro777 in whatcarshouldIbuy

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To me it's like /u/SavageGeese said in his video on the S209 review (paraphrasing): people may say that it's the same amount as a more expensive car that's got better performance, but you don't buy this because of raw performance numbers.

Are 4Runners worth the $45-50k price tag? by DB_Skibum in whatcarshouldIbuy

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I love the 2gr engine. All 3 of our cars have it. Granted it's a minivan, an SUV and a sedan, not a big old body-on-frame beast, but still.

Lexus RCF Track Edition | Massively Expensive by One_Shekel in cars

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Plenty of cars with high cost to repair, high likelihood of needing repairs, cars which lose value quickly and steadily, etc.

Lexus has built a reputation of being cheap to maintain, reliable, and hold their value well. Buy a fully optioned used model and you can usually turn around and sell it 5 years later without taking a bath.

Otoh you have cars like older German performance models which are very expensive to maintain and many don't hold their value as well.

This is a generalization, of course, but it makes my point