Who are some random role players throughout the league that don’t get much attention but got game and you love? by biinroii01 in nba

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People on the Sixers sub think he's going to be a MLE player. I was downvoted for saying he's going to command a lot of money from somebody

Who are some random role players throughout the league that don’t get much attention but got game and you love? by biinroii01 in nba

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Came here to say him. I'm also a biased diehard Nova fan but man I absolutely love watching him

[EaglesNation] The #Eagles reportedly had a deal “basically done” to acquire Russell Wilson from the #Seahawks before last season, however, Wilson nixed the deal. 😳 Per @GregBishopSI and @TheMikeSalk. by Prestigious-Rock201 in eagles

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I remember specifically that were up so much that Foles came in and literally fumbled his first snap. I'm pretty sure it was returned for a TD as well.

I turned to my buddy and said "well thank God we'll never have to worry about Foles having to QB this team at any point"

Little did I know!

5 Wide Receivers You Must Have in 2023: by sal_vetri in fantasyfootball

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What a goofy explanation for Diontae Johnson "he scored no TDs, but was expected to score 7" yeah well he didn't score any of those which is why he sucked.

Believe me, owning Diontae Johnson is fuckin painful

I'm bored of analyzing player statistics. Instead, I want to analyze your draft rankings. by PedroGrifoCincy in fantasyfootball

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They literally had everything you just named last year and he finished top 5 in half point PPR.

He was less consistent towards the end because Hurts missed two games and he had Gardner Minshew throwing to him

Edit: Eagles had 3rd highest point differential in the regular season, 2nd ranked defense in YPG allowed and 8th ranked defense in PPG allowed and were 3rd in turnover differential

Freedom Trail help by traddy91 in boston

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Thank you for this! There are 5 of us including two 60+. Still okay doing by ourselves?

Boston Daily Discussion Thread, Tuesday May 30 by AutoModerator in boston

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I am visiting with family out of town this weekend and we plan on doing the Freedom Trail. I just had a couple questions:

  1. Is it worth paying the price for a guide instead of doing it on our own?

  2. What's the different between the Walk and Reverse walk? Just where you start out at?

  3. Does the Walk into history tour include Faneuil Hall and the North End? Or just those tours specifically? Would you recommend any of those over the main tour?

  4. Are we fine purchasing tickets the day of?

Thank you!

[Jay Cuda] Ten oldest, ten middle, and ten newest MLB ballparks (number is year opened) by TVloverCam in baseball

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The Phillies have the 9th most recent stadium in the league but the oldest stadium in the NL East

Any “twisted metal” fans here? by edgymouth351 in nostalgia

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The first Twisted Metal was the first videogame I ever beat. I spent all day trying to beat it at like 6 or 7 years old. I stood like a foot away from the TV and won with Hammerhead.

Afterwards I threw up, probably from being so close to the TV. I had to miss my aunt's 4th of July BBQ

Ronald Acuna Jr - NL MVP? by SPAC_Enthusiast in sportsbook

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Yes because that has never happened ever

My Eagles Jersey Collection by jbran916 in eagles

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Nice! Off the top of my head:

-Green McNabb

-Black McNabb

-Black Owens

-White McCoy (#29 rookie yr Jersey)

-White Wentz

-Black Samuel

-Black Westbrook

-Green Hurts

Which player’s Baseball Reference page made you say, “What?!” by Mr_426 in baseball

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Salvador Perez just turned 33 a few weeks ago. That's insane to me lol

Memorial Day Checkpoint. It's the first meaningful 'pitstop' of the season. So give us the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of your team's performance thus far. I'll start. by tygerphan4ever in baseball

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Good: Young guys have been performing well. Stott looks to be the future at SS. Bohm has made great strides defensively. Although Marsh has cooled off he's still a great bat in the lineup. Also Bryce Harper is a fuckin cyborg the fact he comes back way earlier from injuries and continues to rake.

Bad: Trea Turner, Aaron Nola, Kyle Schwarber, Gregory Soto among others have all been bad. This teams pitching in general has been bad. We play in one of the toughest divisions in baseball so there's really little room to be dropping winnable games.

Ugly: hitting when runners are on base. I think we're at like a historically bad pace, like top 5 most runners LOB or something. It's a sight to behold

Best RB option in the RB 5-10 range? by winston73182 in fantasyfootball

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Right lmao and who that has any resemblance of fantasy knowledge is sleeping on a guy like Bijan?

AMC can suck it by lanceturley in AEWOfficial

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Well that's why it's cheaper dude. Lol

AMC can suck it by lanceturley in AEWOfficial

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Sounds like you goofed