[FRESH PERFORMANCE] The National - Live at Bearsville Theater (Woodstock, NY) - Full Concert by tropicmorning in indieheads

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This was an amazing live performance and I was so lucky to be there. I feel sorry for anyone with that tired criticism because they have been killing it on this tour and sound as good as ever live.

Aaron is the only Dessner who has produced music for some pop artists, about three of them to be exact. He has continued to work more with artists in the indie genre and that info is easy to find, but it doesn't fit that boring narrative people keep trying to push.

We’ve now had 2 deep cuts that were not listed on the song board by pjj165 in TheNational

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They have soooo much amazing music: Available, All Dolled Up In Straps, Santa Clara, Tall Saint, Slipping Husband

Being able to say "Thank You" by dressinbrass in TheNational

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Thanks for sharing this and for saying thank you! I hope I can do the same someday.

If you are going to a boygenius concert, please be respectful! by theperksofbeingem in phoebebridgers

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A few people on Twitter said someone threw a friendship bracelet on stage and others followed by throwing other stuff and apparently Julien seemed annoyed, understandably.

If you are going to a boygenius concert, please be respectful! by theperksofbeingem in phoebebridgers

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I know I shouldn’t let it get in the way but I hate that I’m starting to lose interest in the music and feel distant as a fan since ~2018 because of the crowds. I feel out of place in the fan base. I’m happy for all their success but their fan base has completely changed. I feel like it’s mostly Phoebe’s rabid stans though because I’ve been to all their solo shows in the last 2 years and the crowds were pretty normal at Julien and Lucy’s. I’m kind of dreading the re:set show in a few weeks and considering not going.

Matt is sounding really good by BlueArrangements57 in TheNational

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lol then I'm glad you can't get everything you wish for because I guarantee you they wouldn't still be a band if Matt still had bad anxiety about performing every night for 20+ years. He looks way more confident now and like he's actually having fun so just close your eyes or something idk

Matt is sounding really good by BlueArrangements57 in TheNational

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I've seen him stoned and he really wasn't in Chicago, or not that much. I think he loses his place in songs sometimes. There were a couple of nights during that run where it seemed they were having some audio issues

Matt is sounding really good by BlueArrangements57 in TheNational

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You miss when his performance anxiety was at its worst?

Scott Devendorf - so underrated by SugarMouseOnReddit in TheNational

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The bassline on NOTS and Guilty Party fucking rock and especially shine when played live

Vanderlyle (Live at The Greek May 31, 2023) - Is There A More Perfect Closing Song? by SugarMouseOnReddit in TheNational

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I’ll never forget the first show I went to. It was so unexpected and I didn’t understand what was going on. I had never experienced a sense of community like that at a show before, and I realized how special this band is.

Hot take: Recording too soon? by CrackedmyCrown in TheNational

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Aaron said this too. To my knowledge, Matt hasn’t said this directly but on a recent podcast he listed off people he wants to impress and thankfully fans weren’t on the list lol. I love that about them. It has worked out perfectly their entire career. The music I love is what they want to make.

Short setlist at The Greek? by cardmayorsam in TheNational

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So did they play Humiliation>Murder Me Rachael again or Humiliation in full?

Greatest Side-Project Song by theprideofvillanueva in TheNational

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I totally forgot to mention this one. It's easily in my top favorites out of all the side projects. Some of Carin and Matt's best writing, imo

Alien -> Grease in Your Hair by brainy89 in TheNational

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It really hasn’t grown on me at all so I did the same and the album just flows so smoothly straight through without it. I didn’t realize I haven’t listened to it in weeks

What is the most distinctive sound or element of The National? by oregondadparty in TheNational

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I love how “textured” their music is. Bryce’s orchestrations add more layers to so many of their songs. A lot of the songs make me feel like I’m listening for something new even if I’ve heard it 50+ times already

matt tonight in boston!! by cash-moneyy in TheNational

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So it wasn’t just Matt who was drunk? I would’ve loved to see that hahahah

Why is Sugar Wife so hated? by cchihaialexs in TheNational

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I didn't realize how hated it was until it was mentioned on this sub but I love it!! They will never make another horny and funny song like this again, it's not that serious!

Watermelon Nicotine by jaker782 in TheNational

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There was a brief moment when it was a little quiet between songs and the big screen showed him vape with all the smoke coming out and it looked soo cool, wish I recorded it

Really good bootleg on Live Music App of last nights show by Billybobby__ in TheNational

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I would also love to download this if anyone knows how. The audio is great and the band sounds amazing. You could've told me this was from a decade ago and I'd believe it if it weren't for the newer songs.

Just out of curiosity, what would a bad setlist look like? by tegularian in TheNational

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It’s mostly this. But I think it’s also because they played very similar sets last summer and left little room for surprises (although it’s understandable because it was their first tour after their longest break ever and they were working through those issues with the new album.)

Should the Next Album... by karenputmeinachair in TheNational

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F2POF has a very specific story behind the title. Last Two Pages could be funny for a little b-sides EP but really wouldn’t make sense for a whole new album.