If I only plan on attending 1 concert a year, what is the value of joining The Warehouse? by dmbdrummer21 in DMB

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It’ll potentially help you get decent tickets to that show. You also get a free exclusive show download, and 10 exclusive tracks every year.

Got this depressing email from my kids PUBLIC school today 😔 by SindySchism666 in oakville

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The straight community’s lifestyle is blasted in our faces 24/7 for the entire history of time. Every month since the dawn of man is straight pride month, so maybe suck it up and let other communities have a little recognition too.

Beloved songs that never 'clicked' for you by Endovar in radiohead

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Videotape. It’s the only flaw of In Rainbows.

Tim’s solo on Lie In Our Graves tonight was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen!!!! by JucasLordan in DMB

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I was at the show and was also very impressed. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such an amazing extended Tim solo.

Ted Lasso - S03E10 - "International Break" Post Episode Discussion by quaranTV in TedLasso

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This was interminable. Worst yet. Over an hour of cliche, manipulative, corny, predictable, Hallmark-level shmaltz, scene after scene. Every scene felt like a cliche. I can’t even stand Roy anymore, the whole “tough angry guy with a heart of gold” thing is so tired and cheesy now. Even the needle drops made me cringe. Sorry, don’t mean to rant. But this is the first episode I legitimately struggled to get through. A total chore.

Which studio tracks released after BTCS (including SD and excluding WATM) rank among DMB’s top thirty studio tracks? by hiplobonoxa in DMB

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These are the contenders: You Never Know, Raven, Bartender, Grace is Gone, Dodo, So Damn Lucky, Snow Outside, Lying in the Hands of God, Beach Ball, Again & Again, and Virginia in the Rain.

Family Guy references SP! by cls21463 in southpark

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What’s the reference here? I don’t see any South Park in this image.

What is Radiohead's most "un-Radiohead" song? by Superswiper in radiohead

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The first song that came to mind was “Stop Whispering.”

What's the rarest Radiohead song you've seen live? by libelle156 in radiohead

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How do I know what’s considered rare? I’ve seen all these once, which feel like they may be rare: Sail to the Moon, Bangers and Mash, 4 Minute Warning, Scatterbrain, Go to Sleep, Sit Down Stand Up, Backdrifts, Faust ARP, Punchup at a Wedding, Planet Telex, Creep, and Spectre.

Nate’s hug by Bakers-Man133 in TedLasso

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Give me one good reason why I should empathize with, root for, or even care about Nate. The show would be better off without him.

What's something COVID really ruined for you? by RoseBluebellDaffodil in AskReddit

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The hollow falseness of the phrase “we’re all in this together.” Most people proved to be out for themselves.

What instantly ruins a burger for you? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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When you take the first bite and literally everything falls out of the burger on the other side.

south park seasons ranked by Popular_Cupcake_7538 in southpark

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Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but seasons 1-3 and 20 are all in your God tier, and I think they're the worst seasons of the show. So you lost me right from the getgo.

How was the listening party? Let’s hear some details by andydufrane9753 in DMB

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Thanks. Apparently the Dave/Buddy song is After Everything, the opening track from side B

What’s a common phrase you don’t believe in? by Gregos81 in AskReddit

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The customer is always right. False. Often the customer is an ignorant entitled shitbag.

Need advice about nice neighbor by Anduril9 in askTO

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You have entered into a perpetual nice-off with your neighbor, wherein you’ll both feel indebted to each other forever. This is why I try to avoid my neighbors. I don’t want any part in these endless exchanges, as harsh as it sounds.

What is just not the “flex” that people think it is? by DaveBeYou in AskReddit

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The older I get, the more I hear people flexing about how much they hate going out, and how they did absolutely nothing all weekend. I would rather hang out with somebody who might have a fun or interesting story from their weekend vs someone who sat on the couch watching Netflix and running errands all weekend. This feels like the other side of the “I drank sooo much last weekend” coin, trying too hard to sound mature. Flexing about having a super boring life is just as depressing to me.

Discussion thread for The Simpsons S34E20 - "The Very Hungry Caterpillars" by TDXNYC88 in TheSimpsons

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I thought it was smart they used the caterpillars instead of a disease. It makes the episode timeless, not Covid related.

The ideas that “people will hate for whatever reason” or “people are mad S3 isn’t going exactly how they planned it in their heads” is ignorant and is the EXACT OPPOSITE of “be curious, not judgmental” by artvandelay9393 in TedLasso

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Thank for for this thread. I feel like it took until episode 8 for this subreddit to finally stop being a toxic positivity echo chamber where critical thinking and analysis is permitted. Season 3 has so many problems. Personally, the main one that’s getting me isn’t Keeley. It’s the Full House level shmaltzinsss.

It's it just me, or is Paramount + Canada virtually unusable? by boilons in askTO

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Paramount Plus is janky. Episodes are duplicated, missing, mislabeled and out of order.