[Comic Excerpt] Amazing that Ghost-Maker and Catman have a good relationship and are good friends (DC Pride 2023) by Magister_Xehanort in DCcomics

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Now I'm wanting both of the characters to appear more together, to interact more in other comics, mainly that Catman is a very underrated character

The Actor of Ultraman Trigger is playing Cure Kagura on stage play "Dancing Star Precure" by Magister_Xehanort in Ultraman

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Raiga Terasaka's comments:

I'm Raiga Terasaka, playing Kengo Manaka/Ultraman Trigger Cure Kagura!

I am truly honored to be playing a part as a male Precure in this stage play adaptation of the long-running Precure series which has been beloved by many. Even though it is my first time on the 2.5D stage, I am happy that one of my childhood dreams has finally come true.

That is why I will challenge myself to make this a wonderful work, do my best to make Precure's 20th Anniversary celebrations exciting for everyone, and above all, to make this stage play a fun and glittering Trigger Eternity one for all who come to see it! Please look forward to it!

Message from Supervisor Takashi Washio (the creator of Precure) about Dancing Star Precure (translation in comments) by Magister_Xehanort in precure

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Translation :

Why have a male cast for the stage version of Pretty Cure!? We understand your feelings. The answer is "Creation and Destruction." (yes, he uses the word "hakai" for destruction, in case you're wondering)

"Futari wa Pretty Cure" started in 2004. Black and White's clumsy, empty-handed fight against each other was something that overturned the conventional wisdom of girls' anime. Since then, we have continued to portray the heroes as we want them to be, even if it is out of the norm.

However, as the "hero image" of Pretty Cure became more and more prevalent, we ourselves became bound by that image. We felt that the work was for women to shine, that male characters were off-limits, and that Precure should be what it is...

In this year of our 20th anniversary, we are moving forward by breaking down and rebuilding the image we have established, including the first regular male Precure and adult Precure, which depicts the future heroes of the series.

And then there is the stage. We want to create a work where men alone can say, "This is Pretty Cure!" This may be the biggest challenge to date. It may be criticized as a reckless attempt. But I want to take on this challenge. Because that's what Precure is.

We will work hard to make it as good as we can until the very last minute.

Please take a look at it. Thank you very much.