The Smile going on tour in 15 days by AttractingAttention in radiohead

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I’d love a chance to listen to and get familiar with the new songs before seeing them in July.

Unpopular opinion:House of cards is in the top 5 most beautiful Radiohead songs by Mediocre-Chip528 in radiohead

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Totally agree and never understood why it is often considered one of the worst on the album. It may still be my favourite song from In Rainbows.

Statistic: Intro is the least listened to Song on Muse's Discography on Spotify by loganwolf25 in Muse

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Yeah this is the reason. I believe a song usually has to play for at least 30 seconds to count as a ‘play’. Those 24,213 might be people playing the song on repeat or rewinding it partway through - some loophole that tricks the system.

How do I sell this by giveitalltoloseitall in blur

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There are many sites that let you sell it with an agreement in place that you transfer the buyer the tickets once you have them (usually a few days before the event). You don’t get paid until they’ve attended the show.

Dawn Chorus appreciation by mercyislove in radiohead

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Nose Grows Some is another of my favourite Thom songs. Incredibly ethereal and beautiful.


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Whenever The Suburbs comes on shuffle I have to track down and cue up Ready to Start directly after. Those songs compliment each other so well.

Favorite line from any Radiohead lyrics? by aleeyameli in radiohead

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This part gives me chills every time. One of Thom’s best solo tracks.

Is WE the most consistently good album? by Due_Tip_6603 in arcadefire

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I like WE quite a bit but I don’t think any song from it is better than the worst of Funeral, Neon Bible or The Suburbs (ok maybe a few).

It’s best songs are also way below the best of Reflector imo. Overall, consistently pretty good but never great and often meh.

Easy on Your Own is so good by DaBushesAdmin in alvvays

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Not My Baby is another great breakup song

After 6 years of being a cryptobro, OP is starting to doubt about the outcome by leducdeguise in Buttcoin

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I learned how to use the internet on a Windows 95 computer as an 8 year old. It was not that complicated and there was no risk of me losing my parent’s house. It also had a ton of cool stuff on it that anyone could understand the appeal of. Terrible analogy.

Toronto tickets... WTF? by MandrewTheMan in TheHives

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I got in right at 10, had 2 tickets in my cart, ticketmaster crashed while processing, go back in, sold out. I hate this.

I hope they actually recognize their North American fans with a tour this time. by MoistureLord93 in blur

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I’m hoping Gorillaz recent success tells them there’s demand for a tour here in North America. It is kindof shocking though to look back and see how small the venues they were often playing were.

When you compare the 50,000+ stadiums they’re selling out in the UK to the 2000 person gigs in the US/Canada you can see why they don’t think it’s worth the effort.

more songs/artists that sound just like 'hollywood baby'? by sauga_man in 100gecs

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Anything by blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41 from the late 90s/early 00s

Fall of Saigon Colourised by X4nadix in mikeymiles

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I wish we had reaction footage of the massive bodybuilders confusingly googling his name and realizing they’re losing to ‘that’

Radiohead's last true album (Fanmade). Darker Days Ahead, any idea for song titles would be nice, most upvoted will be added. by [deleted] in radiohead

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You’ve got the album naming all wrong. It shouldn’t make sense - needs to either be named after a half remembered, faded memory from Thom’s childhood or some esoteric yet prescient reference to technological dystopia.

Funniest asscoin meme by AtomicRadiation in Buttcoin

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When you’ve been brainwashed into believing BTC going to $1 million is an inevitability, buying BTC at any point in time is “the dip”.

What would you do if you saw Mikey in the street? by Bobby_Dazzel in mikeymiles

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I would feel somewhat obliged to get a picture with him to add another data point to the “how tall is Mikey” investigation.

Multiple singers? by funkyg73 in depechemode

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To name a few… Beatles, XTC, Tears for Fears, Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Clash, Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, blink-182, Ween

Creep - Acoustic is #10 in Spotify with over 500 000 listenings daily by yorick_yeng in radiohead

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Glad to see this song finally get the recognition it deserves.

I'm starting to see the similarities... by --beaster-- in mikeymiles

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I think Mikey manifested this guy into existence by saying he wants to be 6’2” 225 lbs every night before bed.

Ticketmaster transfer/sell button greyed out. Any reason why? by keylimepickletoes in osheaga

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Yup. But selling now takes away the stress of having to do so last minute, at least.