FIFA World Cup to have 40 more matches in 2026 by MorganRFC in soccer

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FIFA is set to approve an expansion of the men's World Cup today with 40 more matches from the 2026 tournament in North America, Sky News understands.

The decision to grow from 64 to 104 matches - rather than the 80 originally planned in 2026 - is due to come at a meeting of the governing body's ruling council in Kigali, Rwanda.

Adding matches helps FIFA chase its target of more than £9bn in revenue but it also solves format issues for the event being co-hosted by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

FIFA had already agreed to enlarge the tournament from 32 to 48 teams.

Rather than having 16 groups each featuring three teams, FIFA will have 12 groups each with four countries, sources say.

The top two teams will advance to a round of 32 with the eight best third-placed teams.

It means teams reaching the final will now have to play eight matches, rather than the seven played by Qatar 2022 finalists Argentina and France.

The final in the United States is due to be on Sunday, 19 July 2026.

[14'] Southend United 0-[1] Chesterfield - Laurence Maguire by Bartsimho in soccer

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Because it was a goal that was scored in a game of football? What can’t you understand hahaha. This is a football subreddit, there is no rules on what level of football is to be discussed. You can upload a Real Madrid goal or your towns junior team.

[14'] Southend United 0-[1] Chesterfield - Laurence Maguire by Bartsimho in soccer

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Chesterfield fans care. Lower league football fans care. Get your head out your arse.

Former Pulp bassist and Arcade Fire producer Steve Mackey passed away this morning. by david_030991 in arcadefire

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What an absolute sin, 56 is no age. Thoughts go out to his family. Rest in Peace Steve x

[League of Ireland] LOI TV announces season pass for 2023, where fans can stream over 440 games for €120 this year by ProEra-47-420 in ScottishFootball

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Absolutely and we're more than lucky to get that. Vast majority of the teams get very little air time. But that doesn't detract from the fact that in this day and age, all football should just be on TV. I refuse to believe it won't make every single club more money. TV deals domestically and abroad should be magnitudes bigger than they are. We're getting fucked by the SFA and most clubs in Scotland are supporting it (for God knows what reason).

McDonalds in Scotland by zielon001 in trashy

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What answer are you looking for? “A funny observation”?

I’m Scottish and the guy in the picture looks Scottish and that’s because he’s Scottish.

Thanks for being offended on my behalf though mate 😂

Will there be a second leg of the tour? by amcken13 in arcadefire

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Sure but to the promoter who paid a hell of a lot of money to hire these huge arenas and to have them sell as poorly as they did, it'll be regarded as a failure. The band and their management cannot financially justify playing these enormous venues anymore.

There is no chance they will do a second leg of the tour with how this leg has performed. (Obviously this is when I get embarrassed and they do announce it lol)

Will there be a second leg of the tour? by amcken13 in arcadefire

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It sold poorly so I very much doubt that. Probably festivals dates and then whatever the future holds for the band.

Getting between 80 and 110 FPS in MWII after dealing with 35 to 55 FPS in Vanguard for a year, on the same set-up by T0M95 in ModernWarfareII

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Sorry mate but you've defo got something wrong with your set-up. Your PC is a powerhouse and you're getting really poor FPS. Have a word with tech or gaming subreddits and they'll help you out.