AF performing at Corona Capital in November by Weselamp in arcadefire

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Ridiculous line-up! Has anyone been to CC before? Very tempted, but know nothing about the festival

Tickets available now to Hives at No Vacancy in LA on Wednesday! Check your email for link;) by SetiSteve in TheHives

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i must have tried right after you - added to card but then unavailable when paying 🙃

Am I the only one? by Glittering-Owl22 in arcadefire

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One of my fave AF live videos - cover of Talking Heads with Mavis: https://youtu.be/r4qUyTPwe5U

So how did everybody first get into Arcade Fire? by Glittering-Owl22 in arcadefire

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I heard Power Out on the radio coming home from soccer practice (early teen), instantly loved it. Saw them at Coachella 2005 a few months later, was hooked for life. Got an AF shirt at Coachella and was wearing it later that fall, when a boy I had a crush on in the local music scene noticed my shirt and offered to burn me a cd of their xmas bootleg. We got married in 2018 <3

I am looking for an very chaotic ultra-specific live version of Neighborhood #3 Power Out by twind0ves in arcadefire

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I think footage of early shows in Sweden and at Barrowlands are considered some of their best in terms of energy.

TBH Power Out is always insane and chaotic so it's hard to narrow down! Best live song imho.

Krewe du Kanaval parade by pashasasha in arcadefire

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Glad he didn't distract from this incredible-looking weekend! Went in 2020 and was sad to miss this year.

Happy International Clash Day by bkmonkey19 in arcadefire

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As a major influence for AF, I thought you all might enjoy this stellar day of programming on Seattle radio KEXP. Stream live today or on archives for two weeks.

Great news for some of you guys! by Graham433 in arcadefire

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I am so happy to see and support Beck again, and don't blame him at all for dropping out quietly. Win put him in a horrible spot, and it was lose-lose no matter what he chose.

Best Arcade Fire Cover? Post your fav! by kameronmahaffey in arcadefire

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Saw them do New Order's "Temptation" in Manchester and can't stop thinking about it