UK - Budget £1-1.5k - Help solve my analysis paralysis - Ribble CGR or Genesis CDA 30 or Topstone 2 by throw_a_way_TH in whichbike

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Nah, I’ve got a road bike that is what I take if I want to feel like I’m pushing myself/going fast.

But in terms of a bike which is capable of doing long road rides, comfy exploring back roads and fine to do some off-road (though I think if I put a dropper post on it I’d be happy on a lot more off road) I can’t fault it. Only time I’ve disliked it is trying to keep up with road bikes on bigger uphills (but frankly if I had some lighter wheels and took off mudguards and racks it would be fast enough)

UK - Budget £1-1.5k - Help solve my analysis paralysis - Ribble CGR or Genesis CDA 30 or Topstone 2 by throw_a_way_TH in whichbike

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I’ve got an older genesis cda (I don’t think the frame has changed much), how hilly is your area? I find the cda rather sluggish on hills (due to weight) but with decent gear range (30-36) it can get up most things even loaded with camping stuff.

On flat and downhill it’s plenty fast enough (not much different from my giant road bike). Overall it’s a good bike and will likely do everything you want without a problem, but it’s not the most exciting bike.

I wouldn’t worry about hydro brakes..I changed to them when I put on new levers and frankly don’t really notice any difference.

Labrador Anal Gland Issues by Waste-Carpenter-8035 in labrador

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We found through a food trial for itchiness it was chicken that set him off…has allowed to find a food that works through trial and error

Wide walking boots in the UK by Zerocoolx1 in BarefootRunning

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Freet ibex? Mine feel significantly wider than the vivos I have.

Only had mine since January but so far they have kept my feet dry (on regular dog walks on Dartmoor so have had a good test the last month)

My lab is one year old and only 64 pounds, is it normal ? by MathieuMQc in labrador

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Looks fine, mine is 3 years old and 53lbs. Anything above 55 and mine starts looking like he could loose a bit (according to vets).

Though this isn’t his choice…he would happily eat everything if he could

Large breed dog + baby by BombCatMom in Dogtraining

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Baby gates wherever you can fit them, makes things much easier if you can separate them. Makes when the baby is crawling and walking much easier. And as others will say don’t leave them alone together.

Our lab is a bit smaller (55lbs) and bonkers and the only thing our daughter has got used to is being knocked down quite often. She loves it when the dog gets the zoomies in the garden.

Compact bagged vacuum (stick) by barreldegree in VacuumCleaners

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Thanks! That looks exactly what we’re after! Just to consider the price now, but I doubt there’s much good cheaper

Metal roof exposed felt and water pooling by barreldegree in DIY

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Thanks, yeah that sounds like the most sensible solution. I’ve put a flat piece on plastic there currently as we should have heavy rain overnight and will check that does solve the issue, and the he should be able to make up a bit of flashing

Metal roof exposed felt and water pooling by barreldegree in DIY

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So the neoprene closures are all around just not at the corners. The roof is simply a waterproof membrane under the metal sheets.

I’m struggling to imagine what fabric/thing you mentioned could be missing that would prevent this issue. The only way I could see to prevent it would be to have the metal fascia not cut to vertical (so it would overhang the gutter but that would look rather odd)

Edit: not too worried if water did shoot over, it would just run onto our gravel paths (so be annoying but wouldn’t cause any issues)

Metal roof exposed felt and water pooling by barreldegree in DIY

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Yeah I will, so would you expect the roof sheets to come up flush to the metal fascia? Just trying to visualise which direction to cover the gap from

Metal roof exposed felt and water pooling by barreldegree in DIY

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I could do that and may well eventually, but currently the builder who built it is still on site so I’ll chat to him next week (but I can’t figure what it should be like).

It’s an outbuilding and there are big eaves so realistically I don’t think it should cause make structural damage however much pools, but would rather not have the eaves rot out

What’s wrong here? Metal roof doesn’t seem right by [deleted] in DIY

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Got a new office, we have metal roof this has a metal barge board on the fascia. However as in the picture above the felt is exposed in the corners and a bit of water lands on it and the pools under the sheet.

What should be /have been done? I feel even if the roof sheets came further to the barge board the issue would be there (unless they were completely flush?) should the barge board have been left at an angle rather than cut to the fascia? (Instructions showed it to be cut to the fascia) should they felt just go behind the guttering?

I’m a bit at a loss too how it should look and searching online hasn’t given any pictures of this exact spot.


Slow Wi-Fi through access point by barreldegree in HomeNetworking

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Tplink av1000 I think. I put in the reply above that maybe it’s always been a bit inconsistent and I’ve just never noticed as it’s fast enough for teams. Maybe I’m over worrying as it’s a slightly new set up we’ve got now and would be a pain to change anything beyond access point.

Possibly best if I wait until actually working near the ap and see if any issues arise

Slow Wi-Fi through access point by barreldegree in HomeNetworking

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Not sure, its just on auto. I’ve was running speed test on my phone and it is consistently slow (10mbps down) and one or twice faster (30mbps). My tablet (also iOS) most of the time is 50 down, and occasionally 10-20 down. My laptop (pc) was always 30-50 down (60 whenever on Ethernet).

Maybe it is the power line, but we’ve been using it for a couple of years in another room and it’s always worked (though it could have been inconsistent I would only notice if it was dropping teams calls).

Maybe it’s always been inconsistent but never enough that it’s noticed it and it’s only now I’m testing it on this new things that I’m noticing.

Anyone run in barefoot shoes? by imtheoriginalloser in RunningWithDogs

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I wear minimalist shoes with my dog and it works fine. On flat and uphill it’s fine if the path/road is alright. On gravel and steep downhills on tarmac i have to slow down.

I’d think I’d be a bit faster in padded shoes (I get injured every time I try) but for general running where a few seconds dont matter it’s fine

Touring with a baby? by crispychoc in bicycletouring

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If your baby will sleep with you I’d just have them between or on a small thermarest beside. (That’s where I was put as a toddler with my parents)

Ours refuses to sleep if she can access us so we have had to always use a crib. There’s a Phil and Ted’s one which is only a couple of kg and packs up very small.

Hardest bit for us has been keeping her warm, hoping this summer she will be willing to sleep in her Morrison sleeping bag

Are Conker boots worth it? by [deleted] in BarefootRunning

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Conkershoes.com? I don’t have a pair but they felt like good quality when I popped into their shop last week as they had a sale on a few pairs.

North Devon walks by [deleted] in DevonUK

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I’d go coast path around there. Heading west out of westward ho! Far as I remember it’s all good (might have to be an out and back walk, or use a bus). East could also be nice but I haven’t walked that way.

Inland I don’t know but north Dartmoor isn’t too far and then plenty of options

what's south Devon like for cyclists? by [deleted] in DevonUK

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I’d say not awful, but not great, you can find good routes. (South hams)

Narrow lanes I prefer but can’t go fast on descents and have to slow whenever cars in other direction.

The bigger lanes you can go faster but as so windy overtaking can be an issue (get some close passes when people have been stuck behind for a while)

Dartmoor in comparison is generally lovely

Does an accurate weather app exist for the UK? by midori87 in CasualUK

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I’d use wunderground and met office rainfall radar if you want to know in the next hour or so.

For a couple of days in advance I find any of them fine, just got to learn what’s different in your location (I.e I’m in a valley so we usually are a few degrees lower than forecast at night as the models won’t resolve small features). Also got to be aware that the met office uk model has grid spacing of 1.5km, I dunno if any of the higher resolution models are run operationally.

Washable dog beds by barreldegree in labrador

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Have you used cheaper beds of the same style? That’s the style he has but he doesn’t like it. Unsure if he doesn’t like the style or just ours is cheap and uncomfy