My (23F) BF (25M) keeps asking me to shave my pubic hair and I'm losing my mind by ThrowRAshavingpubes in relationship_advice

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Tell him you think it’s time for him to shave off his eyebrows. Tell him they’re “gross” and people say he’s weird to walk around with them. He’s so keen to shave off normal body hair, he can go first.

Seriously, this guy is really disrespectful and pushy. Is he otherwise manipulative?

Girlfriend wants baby by Hunters-channel in relationship_advice

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Can you look up the Age Of Consent where you live? If you were to get her pregnant, you would be looking at some pretty serious jail time, depending on where you live, plus possibly having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Essentially, you could destroy your life. Your girlfriend sounds like bad news.

Thief gets slammed on the ground with just one arm by zuccoff in JusticeServed

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Remember: Santa Claus chases car thieves on his motorcycle in Paris.

How are you handling people who knock on your door? by spookyfuchs in FloridaCoronavirus

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Knocking like they’re trying to break it down? So pounding on your door. You haven’t said if you know these people. Are they friends and family? Then no need for a guest book as they can call, email, text etc. you. Are they strangers? If so, no need for them to sign a guest book because who cares what they want. If they’re a person in trouble I’m sure they’ll yell help, in which case you can call 911 for them from the other side of your locked door. If they’re trying to sell you something, their company should not be sending reps door to door during a pandemic. Again, no need for a guest book. If they’re criminals, the hell with them. Never answer your door to a stranger, ever, and I would be cautious about answering to someone that you might know if they’re showing up unexpected. I once pulled into my driveway to find my next door neighbors traipsing away from my front door. When I asked what was going on they demanded my wi fi code because their internet was out and the teenager needed to do her homework. Stay behind your locked door.

Just because I don’t have a family to miss me, doesn’t mean I should have to work every holiday and can cover everyone else. by alexneverafter in CPTSD

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So sorry that you’re going through this OP. Wishing you infinitely happier times in Colorado.

As a Life Pro Tip, my first thought was how does everyone at work know the painful story of OP’s family? Work can’t exploit a person this way if they don’t have these painful details. I would like to gently point out that it’s not a good idea to share private, sensitive, vulnerable information about your personal life at work, especially when it has nothing to do with your job, and doesn’t benefit you in any way to share it. There are ways to keep things lighthearted and vague regarding family. I suggest everyone cultivate those answers, and have them at the ready. To everyone here, as a general rule, take steps that benefit you for a change, especially as you’ve been so conditioned to do otherwise. Armor up. There will always be people ready to exploit others, that’s just human nature. Don’t give anyone more ammo. Hold your cards close to your vest. Reveal your details on an as-needed basis, and only when it benefits you. Best of luck at work everyone!

AITA for telling my obese friend that she should eat less? by MixOfRaces in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Ditch this person. They’re not your friend. 17, 5’5 and 110 sounds totally normal. Enjoy your life, and find some better friends.

Amy Cooper Faces Charges After Calling Police on Black Bird Watcher by hildebrand_rarity in news

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I read that she’s a Canadian citizen. I wonder if she can remain in the US with this misdemeanor on her record.

You're On My Property, Leave Now by Teresa_Count in AmIFreeToGo

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Investigations of cops need to be handled by people that are not cops.

Struggling with failing my (now grown) children by evadantic in LifeAfterNarcissism

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How about financing the therapy that they no doubt need? That’s a concrete step you can take to better their lives now. You can’t undo the past, but you can work toward giving them a better future.

Does anybody else HATE asking for help? by jerikeys12 in raisedbynarcissists

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I hate asking for help, stopped in fact, because I have never, ever been able to get the help I needed. I would get the type of help that made the “helper” feel better about themselves, or positioned the “helper” to brag about how great they were, or the “helper” would ignore everything I said and twist my plea into something completely different, or a thousand other variations of “No, I won’t actually help you. Oh, did someone say something? La La La I can’t hear you! La La La!”

So many forums say, no, command you to ask for help. Like there’s some ironclad correlation between asking for help and then getting it.

Absolutely hilarious to me.

I have learned to help myself and I suggest anyone RBN do the same. Become your own best advocate. Develop an iron spine. Have boundary walls made of six foot thick granite. Take shit from no one. Listen to yourself: every internal whimper, every internal smirk, every sigh, every spark of excitement means something, and should be lavished with your undivided attention. That your parents did NOT do this is on them, and is no reflection on you. Be your own best friend. Be able to rely on yourself. Honor yourself as the warrior that has surmounted a heaping pile of toxic garbage to soldier on another day. I am my own best advocate. I suggest you be your own too. When you can count on yourself, really count on yourself, a massive weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

What does it look like to be able to count on yourself? It means that you will never, ever let yourself down, because you love yourself too much to ever dream of doing such a dreadful thing. You will always make sure you have the proper safety, shelter, clothing, information, tools, food, transportation, rest, recreation, etc. etc. that you need to be your very best self. That’s the goal: make sure you give yourself exactly what you need to be your very best self. Now, I ask you, have you met lots of people that were invested in giving you the assistance you need to be your very best self? I have not. But I have needed that type of help, have asked for it, and have been left saying WTF? I suggest everyone in this sub cultivate a robust program of becoming comfortable with helping yourself, and never letting yourself down. It’ll completely transform your life. All the best to everyone here, and I would like to buy all of you a round of Champagne.

SATURN IN CAPRICORN: How will it affect you? by muniherbs in astrology

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Is there any effect if you have natal Saturn in Capricorn?

North Carolina hotel employee loses job after calling police on Black family using swimming pool by Toolsheddin in news

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I was just looking for an update to his story the other day and couldn’t find one.