Why is this game more expensive than games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2? by -Rugero- in factorio

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I would really recommend you to give it another shot. Once you get past the snowy area and the story starts to kick off, it becomes amazing.

Thomas Gandara, a Greek robber, and his gang members, posing with their stolen jewelry in 1923 by nkrsshp in OldSchoolCool

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Some interesting backstory, Thomas Gandara and his gang had actually kidnapped the photographer who took this picture, Athanasios Manthos. They were nearing the end of their existence and decided to take pictures of the gang in it's final stages. A song about this story was made by famed singer Thanasis Papakonstantinou: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDjFWfNHD1Y&pp=ygUKYS4gbWFudGhvcw%3D%3D

Kefalonia, Greece [2048x4028] [OC] by nkrsshp in EarthPorn

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Ahhh, didn’t realize until you pointed them out my bad.

Anyone going to NHSMUN? by elfii__ in MUN

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im going session 2, IOM., good luck!

🎉 Hogwarts Legacy Giveaway 🎉 by HPRPGMods in HarryPotterGame

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been waiting since the leak! so excited for all of us!

'Lookism' anime on Netflix is really good by Jameskirk10 in television

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also enjoyed the anime, however, the webtoon is so much better, please read it.

Kefalonia, Greece [2048x4028] [OC] by nkrsshp in EarthPorn

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No, this was on a little stop on the side of the road, there were about 30 people around. The castle I think you are thinking about is a little bit farther down I’m pretty sure, closer to Assos, Kefalonia.

So I asked my best friend if should watch or play persona 5, I would die for him but also he’s kinda dumb so I need a second opinion by Omgbruhdies in Persona5

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Started Persona 5 Royal 2 weeks ago to pass the time during my winter break, I have put on 30 hours, this game is already in my top 2 greatest I have ever played. That being said, play Persona 5. Idk about 4 but I have heard very good things about it.

A Christmas Adventure, new to me and starting right away, will post for discussion later! by Josephus08 in graphicnovels

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Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy, Bone is one of my favorite graphic novel series and I hope you will feel the same way.