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If you're applying and you have any last-minute questions, let us know and we'll try to get them answered!

And if you've thought about becoming a NASA intern but haven't applied, it's not too early to start your application for next spring. We've got 10 tips to start you on the right path.

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Ah, that's such a cool program. Makes me wish I were qualified for it!

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What did Randall Monroe do at NASA?

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Daaamn any chance I can do this if I'm overseas(Australian but doing mechatronic engineering)

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You might want to check out our International Internship program! Our Australian program is in coordination with the Victorian Space Science Education Center (VSSEC).

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Does anyone know when decisions will be posted? Thanks!

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Offer letters are expected to go out beginning Friday, July 7, 2023, continuing through the following week.

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Thank you!

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Are successful candidates usually contacted before then? Such as from the mentor, to tell them they're likely to receive an offer?

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I interned last Spring and had an interview with my Mentor who told me I got it at the end of the call. However I heard of other interns having no interviews and being selected as well.