[FIGHT THREAD] Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz, Mario Barrios vs Ryan Karl, Regis Prograis vs Juan Heraldez, Isaac Cruz Gonzalez vs Diego Magdaleno + live round-by-round coverage by noirargent in Boxing

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Estimated ring walk times

These will be updated as the night goes on so they are accurate!

  • Gervonta Davis v Leo Santa Cruz - 8:15 PT, 11:15 PT, 4:15 BT
  • Mario Barrios vs Ryan Karl - 7:30 PT, 10:30 ET, 3:30 BT
  • Regis Prograis vs Juan Heraldez - 6:45 PT, 9:45 ET, 2:45 BT
  • Isaac Cruz vs Diego Magdaleno - 6:10 PT, 9:10 ET, 2:10 BT

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[FIGHT THREAD] Sergey Lipinets vs Custio Clayton, Xavier Martinez vs Claudio Marrero, Malik Hawkins vs Subriel Matias by noirargent in Boxing

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Marrero really fucked this up. He had the power to hurt him and instead of pushing the issue against a prospect who'd never been past the 8th round he decided to bounce around and tried to clown this guy and embarrass him. Wound up getting outworked after Martinez recovered from the knockdowns.

r/boxing Spooky P4P Vote October 2020 results by StaticEruption in Boxing

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Mickey Roman is a career journeyman. Takashi Muira was always seen as a nice contender at super featherweight but never a top guy as evidenced by his thorough loss to Takashi Uchiyama when he stepped to the world stage. Further evidenced by Vargas beating him. Vargas was a solid win, but at the end of the day that was a long time ago. P4P isn't about ancient history. It's about who's the best right now and in order to get ranked you gotta have something to show for it recently. Berchelt beating up a guy who loss to Zou Shiming in his pro debut isn't exactly inspiring.

Berchelt is a fun and exciting fighter, but off resume right now there is not much to be impressed with.

Tyson Fury’s next opponent announced. Faces Simon Kean (19-1) on 5th of December. Kean (Canada) is the WBC International Silver Champion. by sin31423 in Boxing

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This is really disappointing and I imagine BT Box Office for this is pretty insulting to the Brits out there.

If Fury isn't going to do the trilogy with Wilder, which I think he definitely should given it's another easy victory for him and that NFL Playoffs push from FOX is going to lead to a lot of buys, I was starting to get real interested in Agit Kabayel as his opponent.

Kabayel has actually looked like a really solid fighter, and even though I would have picked Fury to 10-2 him, I think it would have been a nice little test to see how Fury deals with a more... refined style than Wilder's before he faces AJ.

r/boxing Spooky P4P Vote October 2020 results by StaticEruption in Boxing

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Probably because Fury beat a younger, fresher Wladimir Klitschko and didn't get dropped.

Davis vs Santa Cruz Ireland broadcaster?? by anon21076 in Boxing

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I think we are moving into a very sad state of UK boxing where most fights happening in the US are going to be mini-PPV's on Fite.tv.

It makes sense given most of these fights aren't exactly going to kill it in the ratings department at 5am. Sucks for you Brits though who stay up to watch them and the best your broadcasters can do is say go to hell and you have to order it for 10 bucks of whatever it is.

It's crazy that less than 10 years ago we had BoxNation picking up everything going on in the US and Sky hopping in every so often with a card. Now, Sky seems to be moving away from boxing, certainly away from the US market, and BT really hasn't shown a serious commitment outside of the domestic scene.

r/boxing Spooky P4P Vote October 2020 results by StaticEruption in Boxing

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I think people recognize Berchelt and certainly love to watch him fight, but he's got one of the worst resumes of all current champions in the sport. Should he dominate Valdez I imagine he'd creep closer into the top 10, but as of now Berchelt's more of an idea than he is a demonstrated champion.

[FIGHT THREAD] Juan Francisco Estrada vs Carlos Cuadras, Roman Gonzalez vs Israel Gonzalez, Julio Cesar Martinez vs Moises Calleros by noirargent in Boxing

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Well I don’t know about that but it is pretty embarrassing. Their social media team is (or maybe was) pretty good.