Can someone explain the James Harden- Giannis beef? by Sol-King in nba

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It wasn't as bad as it is now, just some words exchanged over mvp race. There is a version of this clip where Giannis flings the MVP trophy at Harden's head, it's much more funnier than this one

Brian Windhorst confirmed on his latest pod he voted James Harden 2nd team all NBA. Put Luka 1st team. by anupvoteforyou in nba

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These are for individual performance recognition, in which I think everyone agrees Harden > Doncic

[Post Game Thread] Toronto Raptors (47-18) defeat Los Angeles Lakers (50-15) by 107 - 92 with 33 points coming from Kyle Lowry by Nyhrox in nba

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kyle lowry ain't no spot up shooter he aint gotta run to the corner to shoot like hes some 3rd option bitch this aint jj redick this is a fuckin god human steph curry come again only this time hes not a fuckin pussy pull up from the fuckin logo and fight you at the same time

Arsenal 0 - [1] Chelsea - Pulisic 5' [FA Cup Final] by PSGAcademy in soccer

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Guess the number of gilds this post is going to get