2 free stocks, is it worth it to trade for something else? by Cbell727 in wallstreetbets

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We don't allow crypto discussion here, also discussion posts have to meet a very high bar of being useful, interesting, or novel. Since you post violates rules 4 and 1, it has been removed.


Game Stop, Won’t Stop by OnTheGreenTV in wallstreetbets

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Sorry to be that guy, but simply adding a caption to a video doesn't make for a very valuable meme post. For that reason, I removed this post as low quality.

SEC FILING restricting trades due to SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE. First them, then GME. by HearthstoneConTester in wallstreetbets

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The order also states that none of the issuers has filed any information with the SEC or OTC Markets, where the companies' securities are quoted, for over a year.

And if you click through to the PDFs it talks about it as well.

How To Start A War Against Wallstreet: The Apes Vs Hedgies by JericoMMA in wallstreetbets

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Sorry, IMO this is too close to self promotion with the 10min+ duration and your socials at the end. It's good for people unfamiliar with the GME saga, but this sub is not really that audience.

No permaban though, thanks for asking and nice video!

My apes, let Beerus show you the way to GME Valhalla 🚀🚀🚀🚀 by Scarmander in wallstreetbets

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Hahaha, damn... Sorry to hear that, zjz is working round the clock to improve the bots but feel free to tag me any time!