Hong Kong emigration to Britain could mean $36 billion capital outflow by fragrance-harbour in Economics

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They might want to kick those numbers down the road another year. Hong Kong had 42 Covid cases yesterday, the UK had 47,525. I don't see any large volume of HKers rushing to the UK until they get that under control in 2022 - 2023.

Casino mogul and GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson has died at age 87 by homerino in news

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Mike Nichols is one of my favourite directors. Virginia Woolf was his first movie, and it walked away with 5 Oscars. Then he followed it up with The Graduate and Catch-22. Incredible output at the start of a career.

After pardon, Blackwater guard defiant: ‘I acted correctly’ by Bdub76 in politics

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He's probably a strong contender for new Head of Security at Mar-a-Lago.

Nearly a million people flew in America on Christmas Eve by kismethavok in news

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What's the quarantine period when they land? It's three weeks here in Hong Kong.

Paul W.S. Anderson Reflects on the Gruesome “Anderson Cut” of ‘Event Horizon’ We’ve Still Never Seen by johnhatesducks in movies

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I just laughed out loud, on the subway, in a country where making noise on the subway is really not a thing. - Yep, just turned off my headphones - it's 90% full and it's fucking silent.

Melania Trump Slammed for Breaking Children's Hospital rules by taking her mask off by Lost_Distribution546 in politics

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Wreckless engagement. There ya go - that's what's you say when you call the cops.

Trump must turn over financial documents to New York attorney general, judge rules by 62FenderJazz in politics

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That's 68 years of Giuliani at $20,000 a day, 365 days a year. Lawyers are expensive but $500M goes a very long way on legal fees. At least long enough to keep appeals running until Trump dies before he makes it to the inside of a jail cell.